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Mirror Test To Know Your Skin Type

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Mirror Skin Type Test
We often hear people complaining about their oily or dry skin problems. How do they know their skin type? The answer to this question is, most often they don't have a clue. Their answers are based on nothing more than an educated guess. You need to know what kind of skin you have or else, you will end up using the wrong skin care products. Imagine using an oil free face wash for years only to find out that your skin is not oily at all! You need not go to a dermatologist to know your skin type. There is simple test to determine your skin type by yourself at home.

 The Mirror Skin Type Test:

This skin type test is called the mirror test because you can easily determine your skin type using nothing more than a mirror. However, there are some per-requisites of this test.

1. You cannot subject your skin to air conditioning for at least half an hour before the test. Air conditioning makes the skin dry and can vary the result.

2. You cannot wash your face for an hour before taking the test.

3. Don't go out in the sun or do any activity that makes you sweat, half an hour before the test.


You have to press your face against a clean mirror. You need to touch your nose, forehead and chin in a single line first. After that, press your cheeks, one at a time, to mirror by turning your face from left to right and vise versa. Basically you need to make sure that every part of your face comes in contact with the mirror.

Test Results: What's Your Skin Type?

1. Oily Skin: If you have oil marks on your face, namely, forehead, t-zone of your face and also your cheeks then the result is a straight one. You have an oily skin. This will be accompanied with symptoms like open pores and a shinning face.

2. Dry Skin: If you have no oil marks but your facial hair stands up when it comes in contact with the mirror, then you have a dry skin. The hair stands up due to the static electricity your dry skin is producing. Your skin looks crinkled with fine lines of dryness.

3. Mixed Skin: If you get oil marks on just the t-zone (the nose and the forehead), then you have mixed skin. This is the most normal skin type. The t-zone is always more oily than the rest of your face because that is where the oil glands are situated. So, your cheeks are dry and your nose and forehead is oily!

4. Sensitive Skin: This is a vague skin type that is not easy to detect with a test. Sensitive skin can be both oily and dry. So, press the face on the mirror for a long time; if it reddens or you feel some irritation, then your skin is sensitive. Sensitive skin reddens easily and is not compatible with most cosmetics.

So, take up this test and analyse your skin type.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 2, 2012, 11:48 [IST]
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