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Natural Handmade Soaps For Your Skin

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Treat your skin to Natural Handmade Soaps!

Every time we switch on the TV, we can't help being the recipients of innumerable ads of soaps for fairness, soft skin, and even soaps that act as a deodorant. And of late, the new rage is "Natural, handmade soaps". So how is it any different from a regular bar of soap?

All natural soaps are made from a combination of three ingredients - firstly, natural vegetable oils like coconut, palm or olive oil; secondly natural fragrance oils and finally, some garnishing like flowers, buds, leaves, herbs and grains to enhance the look.

Natural Handmade Soaps For Your Skin

Regular soaps, on the other hand are more like detergents and contain harsh ingredients like petroleum, motor oil, alcohol or gasoline which can do irreversible damage to your skin! Lets look at the uses and benefits of Natural Soaps.

Natural Handmade Soaps-

For Dry skin: Natural soaps made with "Goat Milk", Extra Virgin Olive oil, Sunflower oil and Bees wax create a smooth creamy lather on your body. Added Shea or cocoa butter in soap will help moisturize your dry skin naturally, acting as a lotion!

For Aging Skin: Use natural soaps made of Wheatgerm, Avocado and Argan oil to rejuvenate aging skin. The natural antioxidants in these plant extracts will help fight the free radicals in your skin - the biggest contributor to aging.

For Oily Skin: Use natural soaps made out of lavender, chamomile and thyme or tea tree oil to control oily skin. Also, Clays such as green clay or pink clay in a soap get rid of excess oil from the skin.

Benefits of Natural Handmade Soaps on Skin-

1. Contains essential minerals: Some natural soaps contain Dead Sea mud that has over 21 types of different minerals. They also contain vitamins A, B6, B12 and E - that are required for healthy, glowing skin.

2. Preservative free: These soaps are devoid of harsh preservatives, hardeners or lathering agents. They do not dry out the skin and they keep moisture in the body locked for hours.

3. Fights skin diseases: Natural soap bars are highly recommended for people who are suffering from skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. They tend to develop rashes and itchiness with synthetic bars.

The skin on our body is very delicate and must be treated with utmost care. Regular soap bars contain strong chemicals that damage our skin over time by the use of animal fat and other toxic ingredients. Even the fragrance provided by such soaps isn't natural. So do your skin a favor and shift to natural handmade soaps. They even make a very good gifting option!

Story first published: Saturday, June 16, 2012, 11:13 [IST]
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