Diamond Facial Treatment For Radiant Skin

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Diamond Facial
Skin tan, blackheads, discolouration, dryness are all common problems for those who expose to sunlight and needs to be treated with care. Many beauticians suggest expensive treatments like gold, silver, chocolate facials that may work good on certain skin types. For sensitive skin, diamond facial is the best as it is extremely effective skin lightening treatment.

The expensive treatment is available in the form of best facial kits by Shahnaz Husain, VLCC etc and consists no bleach or any toxic chemical that harms skin. Take a look to know more about diamond facial.

Diamond Facial Kit Consists Of

1. Diamond Scrub – The powerful diamond ash (bhasma) is mixed with few other natural ingredients such as walnuts, essential oils, vegetable and flower extracts. Exfoliates dead skin and dirt that can cause acne and other skin problems. You can also purchase the shahnaz diamond exfoliating scrub and use it at home.
For benefits, apply the scrub and gently massage for a few minutes (upto 5 mins) and wash face with luke warm water.

2. Diamond Detox Lotion – A soothing liquid that cleanses face and softens skin. It is as powerful as the salon diamond facial with the ultrasound treatment benefits in just a 5ml lotion. Makes face visibly sparkling, bright and light. If you are planning to be a professional beauty expert for your skin, go for the VLCC diamond detox lotion and obtain a beautiful blemish free face at fingertips.

3. Diamond Massaging Gel – The gel tightens skin and prevents aging. It is applied after the scrub so that the open pores absorb the gel extract and show up quick results. The diamond properties in the VLCC massaging gel work as a toner, moisturizer and an anti aging serum. The VLCC and Shahnaz Husain products are available online.

4. Diamond Face Mask – Although gold, silver facial kits are rated reasonably best, diamond is great for tanned and discoloured skin. If you are planning to go to a party or get married shortly, the diamond facial is highly recommended treatment facial. Wipe face with paper towel or wet cotton and apply 1ml of the facial all over face and neck. Wash face well when the mask dries up completely.

Note: Do not apply cosmetics atleast 24 hours after the facial application. Avoid exposing to sunlight, massage face with ice cubes. You can use bleach (if you want to) only before the application of the diamond facial products.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 3, 2012, 17:50 [IST]
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