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    Side Effects of Pure Glycerin

    By Nandhini Devi
    Pure Glycerin

    Pure glycerin is a viscous, transparent liquid that has water-binding properties. Pure glycerin helps in locking skin moisture, while allowing the pores on your skin to breathe. Due this reason, glycerin is used in many skin care cosmetics.

    However, before you start using pure glycerin for your skin, you have to learn about possible side-effects of using glycerin on facial skin. Though using products that contain glycerin might not be very harmful on the skin, using it in the pure form might cause certain problems on your skin, specially sensitive skin.

    Side-effects of using pure glycerin

    • Sometimes large quantities of glycerin on the skin can cause the pores on the skin to clog. However, this condition is very rare.
    • Check the brand before purchasing glycerin. Some synthetic forms of pure glycerin might be very harmful for the skin.
    • Pure glycerin can cause blisters on the skin. This is because pure glycerin is a humectant (a substance that helps in retaining water), thus drawing water from your skin itself. So it's best to to use it in the diluted form.
    • Some personal lubricant products that contain pure glycerin can cause yeast infections in women.
    • Though you may feel that glycerin is making you skin feel soft, it is actually drying out from within. So it is best not to use it continuously on the facial skin.
    • Some people might suffer from glycerin allergies, so its best to avoid products that contain glycerin. Itching, redness of skin and rashes are some of common allergies that glycerin causes.

    Pure glycerin has a few side-effects, but has several other uses if it is used in the diluted form. Check out for uses of glycerin, coming soon...

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