How To Do Chocolate Facial At Home?

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Chocolate Facial
Chocolate facial is one of the most beneficial and easy types of facial to do at home. In fact it is totally edible too so you won't be wasting any cocoa, just lick it off. The most prominent benefit of this type of facial is that it is anti aging. All the Hollywood biggies have mentioned it in their beauty secrets to stay youthful beyond their years. You must be wondering that how can such an exotic celebrity facial treatment be done at home? You will be further surprised when I say that it is also one of the cheapest facials to do because you will be using only household kitchen ingredients apart from some good quality cocoa!

Here is the procedure for getting a luxurious chocolate facial in the privacy of your very own home.

Ingredients For Chocolate Facial:

1. Dark Cocoa powder 1 cup or Dark Chocolate 2 bars
2. Milk half cup
3. Honey half cup
4. Oatmeal powder 2 tablespoon
5. Fresh cream half cup (optional)

Procedure For Chocolate Facial:

  • First of all wash your face clean with a scrub and then use a toner to keep your skin clean.
  • If you are using cocoa powder then you can directly mix it in lukewarm milk. If you are unable to get hold of cocoa powder then use chocolate bars.
  • Heat the chocolate bars with milk to melt them. In that case you might need more milk; about 1 cup at least accounting for evaporation.
  • Whether you use powdered or solid cocoa, make sure you use only dark chocolate because it has more anti oxidants than normal cocoa. Anti oxidants are going to give you that youthful look in this type of facial so you have to have as much of them as possible.
  • Pour the honey and oatmeal powder over the mixture of cocoa and milk. Beat the mixture to make it into a homogenous paste.
  • It is said that the darker the colour of the honey the better it is for this facial treatment. This is because darker honey is more concentrated and pure with less water content. Therefore there are more antioxidants in it.
  • Oatmeal powder is being added to hold the mixture together. Milk and cream is to make your skin smooth. Chocolate itself has anti inflammatory properties so it will soothe your skin.
  • If you have heated the milk and chocolate then wait for it to cool down but you must apply it on your face before it becomes hard.
  • Apply it uniformly on your face and neck leaving out the eyes and leave it for about 7-10 minutes until it dries up.
  • Wipe your face with a cloth dipped in warm water and look into the mirror to see how many years you have lost.

You can easily attempt chocolate facial at home using these skin care tips. Just be careful not to burn yourself with hot cocoa.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 20, 2011, 15:36 [IST]
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