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No Shave November Special: Tips To Maintain A Healthy Beard

November is the best time of the year for all beard lovers. After all, winters have almost arrived and growing your beard during this month won't be difficult as cool weather can reduce the chance of bacterial infection, which will lessen the itchiness in your skin. Also, it will keep you warm in the cool temperature just like your jackets and blazers.

Of course, you can make use of many grooming products, but growing your beard in the right and healthy way is very important. So, today we have come up with essential grooming tips that you should definitely be aware of and follow, to have perfect damage less beard. Read on.

1. Keep Your Beard Clean

No Shave November is a tradition followed by men by not shaving their beard for a month. But it doesn't mean you don't have to groom it well and grow it as it is. Keeping your beard clean is very important to have a healthy and bacteria-free beard. To clean your beard, you can make use of a good beard soap. To get a soft and strong beard, follow it up with a conditioner. One should wash their beard and condition it not more than twice a week.

2. Keep Your Face Clean

Growing a beard doesn't mean you can ditch your skincare routine. Remember, the dirt in the face can also harm your beard growth. So, keeping your face clean is also a part of beard grooming. Also, keep your neckline clean and moisturised to keep yourself safe from the infections caused by the bacteria.

3. Massage Well

Massaging your beard will not only keep it healthy and soft but will also aid in blood circulation. And blood circulation stimulates hair growth. To massage your beard, you can make use of a good lotion. While massaging, make sure you massage the skin underneath as well to make hair follicles strong and thus getting the desired result.

4. Make Use Of Beard Moisturiser

A beard moisturiser is as important as a face moisturiser. Making use of beard moisturiser will keep your hair smooth and hydrated. Use beard soap to clean your hair and then follow up with a moisturiser. Moisturise not just your hair but also the skin. You can apply this product twice a day, morning and evening.

5. Do Not Touch Your Beard Too Much

Do not touch your beard too much as the more you touch it, the more oil it will absorb, which will make your beard very dry and dirty and will cause irritation. However, whenever you feel itchiness, just moisturise it with a good moisturiser.

6. Invest In Right Grooming Products

Before making any purchase, make sure you are having a good knowledge of its pros, cons, ingredients, side effects, and other information. Instead of buying some regular products just to save your money, we suggest you to invest in some good products so that you won't regret later.

7. Comb Your Hair Daily

Comb your hair gently and properly to avoid tangles and hair fall. Also, once your stubble grows a little long, it's very important to comb your hair to train it to grow in the direction which you always wanted. Start from the moustache and comb downward. Do not make use of a regular comb. Purchase a quality beard comb. Follow up with beard brush.

8. Use A Beard Oil And Beard Wax

Beard oil is used to add nourishment, softness and prevent dandruff while beard wax is a leave-in conditioner that adds shine and makes your beard manageable.

Happy Grooming!

Story first published: Saturday, November 16, 2019, 12:30 [IST]
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