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10 Daily Habits That Can Improve Men's Looks

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We come across various beauty blogs, with hundreds of beauty tips, but most of them concentrate on the beauty requirements of women. So, what about men? It is equally important for men to feel good about their looks and gain confidence.

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Caught up with long hours at work, stress and pressure, many men tend to forget about maintaining their looks. Lack of time, unhealthy diet, no exercise, etc can deteriorate a man's look to a great extent.

While it is not possible for every man to look like the next Ryan Reynolds, it is definitely possible to make the most of our god-given looks. It is surely not too difficult to improve your looks and get more handsome.

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You don't even have to go to the salon to get expensive cosmetic treatments to boost your looks. By just maintaining a good daily regimen that includes a healthy diet and exercise routine, being hygienic, paying attention to your fashion sense, etc, can help.

Boldsky suggests a few tips that men can follow every day to get more handsome!


1. Unwanted Facial Hair

While it is sexy to have a beard these days, unwanted facial hair at the wrong places make you look shabby. Make sure you get rid of them and just keep on a stylish beard if you want to!


2. Dental Hygiene

Make it a point to brush at least twice a day and floss regularly to keep your teeth clean and shiny. A great smile, revealing clean teeth can surely add to your looks!


3. Hydrate

Ensure that you drink enough water everyday. This habit keeps you healthy and also makes you skin supple and radiant from within.


4. Good Posture

Improve on your posture while you are sitting, standing or walking. Replace slouching with confident, manly strides, which is definitely attractive!


5. Well-fitted Clothes

Wearing clothes that are well-fitted and accentuate your body can go a long way in improving your looks. Loose, unmatched clothing can look quite unattractive.


6. Skin Care

Maintain a daily skin regime which includes cleansing, exfoliating and mositurising. This habit will give you healthy, glowing skin.


7. Take Care Of Chapped Lips

Make sure that your lips remain free from chapping and dryness, as that can be a turn off! You can use a lip balm or a lip moisturiser to keep your lips hydrated.


8. Hair Care

Having a stylish hair, that is neat and not unruly can up your looks instantly. Make sure you know what hair style suits you, before getting it done.


9. Exercise

You don't have to have a 6-pack to look great, but being fit will definitely make you more attractive. Make sure you follow a regular fitness regime.


10. Use Sunscreen

As men, you tend to be out in the sun more, be it for sports, work, jogging, etc. So, using a good sunscreen can prevent tanning, pigmentation and other skin issues that may mar your looks.

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