Trends Men Should Not Wear Post 30

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The number 30 is a big digit when it comes to men and women. When you hit the age of 30, there are some of the things which one should quit doing. The age of 30 is a respectable one, where you become a much more responsible man with lots of dutiful work and tags added to your life..

When it comes to fashion and men, there are some of the fashion trends which men should find it in their heart to let go. At the age of 30 years, you can no longer go ahead wearing bright coloured clothes and flaunting text t-shirts. It is the wrong type of fashion statement to follow at the age of 30.

Therefore, to help you get started, we have implemented some of the best fashion trends for you to take note of when you it the big number 30. Men who come to this age feel that they can dress up like sweet 16 and still look amazingly hot. But, think again, you are showing the first signs of ageing and wearing a cool teenager t-shirt will certainly not make you look cool.

To save you from looking your worst, we have come up with some of the fashion trends men should not wear after 30.

Take a look:


Croc shoes

This shoe rates the best in comfort but not the first in looking good on a 30-year-old man. You can wear your comfy shoes when you are doing the gardening or in the house but not else where.



Socks with sandals is ideally a bad fashion statement for you to make. After the age of 30, summer shoes and moccasins are the best for you to look stylish.



At any age, wearing a pink shirt is out of the box. One of the trends men should not wear after 30 is bright coloured shirts.


Slogan t-shirts

Slogan t-shirts are way to cool for a teenager, but not for a man who is 30 years of age. This fashion trend of funky t-shirts should be avoided by 30-years-old men.



If you are playing a sport, it is advisable for you to look trendy in a cap. Do not sport a cap if you are going for the movies or going on a date.


Design shirts

A man who is 30 years of age does not look good in shirts which have prints on them. It is best to stay away from these type of fashion trends.



At this age, you need to be more concerned with eating carrots instead of rocking carats in your ears. This is one fashion trend men should not try after 30.


Tank tops

You might have seen a lot of guys sporting tank tops as a t-shirt. It is the worst fashion trend to follow after 30.


Skinny jeans

This is a total disaster to see men wearing skinny jeans after the age of 30. Not only this fashion trend for men is outdated, these jeans are best suited for women with the hour glass figure.


Rockstar image

The rock star image is a favourite amongst youngsters, and it is acceptable for them to wear a rockstar look. But, men after the age of 30 in a punk look will only make you laugh out loud.

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Story first published: Friday, September 13, 2013, 23:32 [IST]
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