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Happening Thick Hair Styles For Men!

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People would tell you that thick hair styles for men are unnecessary because if you have short thick hair you will look good anyway! It is not untrue that hair is fifty percent of beauty, even a man's beauty. So, you will look good even without trying our different hair styles but fashionable, that is a totally different thing. If you want to stand out from the crowd and distinguish yourself from being just ordinary then you need these thick hair styles for men.

Happening Thick Hair Styles For Men:

1. The Medium Clipper Cut. This is an evergreen hairstyle if you have short thick hair popularised by Hollywood. Crop the sides of your hair short and let the middle part grow a little longer. You have to get your hair cropped in decreasing degrees, the shortest around your neck and longer from there on. John Abraham has started looking better after chopping off his long mane and going for this look.

2. The Severe Back Brush: You could achieve the mysteriously seductive gentleman look by trying this long thick hairstyle. The standard style to go with dress coats and formals. It was earlier sported by gentlemen at fancy balls and now it is carried off by celebrities walking the red carpet. All you have to do is pull your hair back with a comb while its wet. This thick hair style is for men with ramrod straight hair. Unruly hair won't stay back brushed for long.

3. The Innocent Side Parted Look: Visualise the young lad Jack aka Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic. If you have such pretty long locks then why cut them short. Huge quantities of straight silky hair can be styled by doing a massive side part with one side 3/4th the size of the other. Your long locks of hair will fall on your forehead giving you a charm that girls won't be able to resist. But make sure you wash your hair regularly because this long thick hairstyle looks very flat if your hair is oily.

4. Middle Parted Hair For the Naughty Boy Look: This hair style if for a school boy look and again carried to perfect by chocolate boy Leonardo DiCaprio in many of his early movies. It gave him a combination of innocence and eccentricity. Your hair needs to be layered and parted into two equal halves in the middle. It is a relatively simple hair style but you have to maintain it by regular trimming or else you'll start looking like a girl!

5. The Caesar Cut: The ancient Roman hairstyle for short thick hair. It is the look of controlled aggression that the powerful Julius Caesar wore. Your hair is cut of even length all over and the part over your forehead has jagged ends like knives. It is the look of the cool corporate now.
These men fashion tips should help you pick the right thick hair styles for men, especially ones suiting your personality.

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Story first published: Friday, September 16, 2011, 16:53 [IST]
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