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Look Cool With Summer Office Wear!

By Anjana NS

The other day one of my colleagues sat beside me and felt really uneasy. The air conditioner gave up earlier due to technical problems but since the windows were opened we could manage the summer heat.

However, this young lad, really felt like jumping into a swimming pool as I sat beside him explaining to him some office issues. Seeing him feel so uneasy I asked him what had happened, but no answer he replied. Sweat pouring down the sides of his cheeks, scared me for a minute wondering if he was nervous of something or was he coming in for a heart attack!

After sometime, he told me he felt uncomfortable in his black suit, I gave him simple suggestion on office wear for the summer season. You can follow these summer office wear tips too.

1.Opt for light suits instead of dark colors like that of black and dark grey. You can also choose waist coats over suits if it is mandatory for you to wear on a suit everyday for work. The next best fashion tip for men on suits is to wear on light materials to make you feel cool.

2.On summer office wear, you can go in for cooler shades of colored shirts! The latest fashion tip for the summer season is that of floral and striped shirts, which look trendy and stylish.

3.Your summer office attire should not be that casual as you might end up looking inappropriate. Stay away from wearing summer shorts for office and sleeveless t shirts as well. You can however wear on a collar t shirt with a pair of blue/black jeans.

4.When it comes to footwear, make sure not to sport on slippers for summer office wear. Even though its the inn fashion trend. Sport Sandals and sport shoes is the best deal to look smart and casual.

5.Stay cool in only light colors for summer office wear. Stay light in white and blue shades this season. If you have a dark skin tone go for colors like that of blue and off-white. For a light skin tone go in for colors like that of lemon and green.

These are some of the summer office wear fashion tips for men to indulge in, this summer season.
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Story first published: Friday, March 25, 2011, 9:32 [IST]