Must Have Shoes For Men!

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Must Have Shoes Men
The must have shoes for men are just as classified as women. Women may be more stuck up about fashion than men. However, there are certain fashion essentials that even men cannot afford to ignore. Shoes for example are a very integral part of your get up. You can carry off an odd looking shirt as long as you wear the best men shoes to compliment them. But with weird shoes you'll look ridiculous! So there are a list of must have shoes that men must own in order to be properly dressed for all occasions.

Must Have Men Shoes In Your Wardrobe:

1. A pair of Formal Shoes: These you absolutely cannot do without. Whether you are going to office or an important wedding you need to wear these patent leather shoes. Best mens formal shoes are always in basic colors like black, brown or tan because they have to be teamed up with a variety of clothes in different colors. Choose a design as basic as possible because fancy crocodile shoes may look smart with tight fitting pants but look funny with other formals.

2. Casual Shoes for men: There are various kinds of shoes in this range but here we are talking about a pair that you can easily wear with your jeans and tees. That would have to be slip in shoes or rubber shoes. Casual shoes for men have a huge range so choose as many as you like but the one that will go with the kind casuals you wear. If you are a jeans kurta guy then you need ethnic leather designs and if you live in t-shirts and sweatshirts you need rubber flats.

3. Flip Flops: The best shoes for men or anybody in fact are these flimsy airy pairs. They can be slippers or sandals. These are shoes you would like wear for an outing on the beach or a lazy day trip. You can wear them with jeans if you want but they go best with three fourths or shorts. If you are in the mood to chill out with your friends then slip into this pair of must have shoes and relax.

4. Sports Shoes: This is something that all guys must have. Why? Of course, we are guys! Even if we are too lazy to play sports we will have sports shoes in our wardrobe. Jokes apart, although it is a 'guy thing' sports shoes are not useless. They look very smart with sweaters and sports jackets so you must have one pair. Try to avoid very bright colors like red or pink. Tinted ones with black or blue are good enough to go with everything. The best sports shoes for men would have to branded. Be it Adidas or Reebok, buy a good sturdy pair; it will last many years.

Follow these basic fashion tips for men and you will know what shoes you must have for a decent survival.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 7, 2011, 16:47 [IST]
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