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How Men Should Part Hair?

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The way men part their hair can make a huge difference to their personality. In fact each kind of hair partition stands for a kind of look. There are many contemporary hairstyles that do not require men to part their hair but still it is one of those things that never goes out of fashion. Moreover, most of us do have a natural hair partition. How we use it to our advantage is the fashion statement we make.

Keeping with the latest fashion trends here are a few ways men can part their hair depending on the look they wish to achieve. Every look has a specific personality behind it.

Hair Partitions For Men:

1. Side Parted Hair: This is by and large the most popular and widely practiced hair style but then it has so many variations too. You can get various looks by side parting your hair. If you gel it profusely to sit tight and comb it for a severe propriety then you will get the eternal 'good boy" look that can be completed with spectacles. It you cut your hair short and keep this partition then it gives you the look of a business associate climbing the corporate ladder. If you leave one side of your hair part longer than the other and leave it messy then you get that irresistible innocently charming look like Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) from Titanic.

2. Middle Parted Hair: Again you can try many variations with this kind of partition. If you grow both sides of your hair part long then it gives you the school boy look. The kind of teenager girls consider 'sweet" as opposed to 'hot". If your hair is wavy then it gives you an added advantage. You can also get a really eccentric look with kind of hair style. Just try cutting it really short and keep it a little messy. Does it remind you of Johnny Depp from sinister movies like 'Secret Window". If you want to get a geeky look, that too is possible with this hair cut. All you have to do is keep your hair oily and comb it stiffly. You will look like a total 'geek" although I am not sure how many people will take it as a compliment.

3. Fringes: What? You can"t get fringes just because you are a guy? It is not a man thing? You are wrong; take a look at all the Hollywood stars who have carried this style to perfection. Fringes that fall in one line will give you a chocolate boy look like no other hairstyle can. It is a versatile hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. In that case your hair will part at the base of the fringes. You can part it again in the front either in the middle or the sides.

These men fashion tips will come in handy when you go for a haircut and want to choose the best hair parting for men.

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Story first published: Saturday, September 17, 2011, 12:12 [IST]
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