Hairstyles For Men With Thin Hair

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Thin hair styles for men are very much the burning topic in fashion these days. What is fashion? It not only about skinny models and handsome guys who have no 'bad hair days'. Fashion is about concealment, hiding your defects and yet looking trendy. In that context, as the no. of men with thin hair increase, the demand of thin hair styles for men also increases. Premature balding and thinning out of hair has become a global epidemic among men. The reasons are many and do not fall under the forte of fashion so we will leave them out. Our concern is how to find some fine thin hair styles to make men who are losing hair look glamourous.

If you are one of them then welcome to the brotherhood and don't despair because there is hope. Fashion gurus are exhausting there creative juices to find thin hair styles for men and so they are really 'in'. Here are some fine thin hair styles that will serve your purpose.

Thin Hair Styles For Men:

  • The Messy Look: No, we are not talking about Lionel Messy who has no hair problems so far! Men with thin hair should choose a messy hair style. Male balding patterns are such that they start from the forehead and the middle of your scalp. To hide the bald spot in the middle you could shape your hair from both sides to rise up and form a bird's nest like messy clump in the middle.
  • The Clipper Cut: This near bald hair style is very much a hot fashion trend, especially after David Beckham himself has gone pseudo-bald with this look. If you are losing hair in the middle, get a clipper cut for hair so close to the scalp that it makes your scalp look naked. It gives the illusion that you have just shaved your head and the hair is growing back instead of highlighting the fact that you have less hair. You can also get some brownie points from the fact it is a really low maintenance hairstyle; no combing and hardly any washing.
  • Spiky Look: If you are losing hair in two deep crevices of your forehead then you can use it to your advantage. Cut the rest of your hair short and let the clump of hair in the middle of your forehead grow long so that you can spike it. It gives a very contemporary rock star look. But you need to have naturally hard and standing hair for this style because it won't stick on silky or limp hair.
  • No Partitions: Men with thin hair should never go for side partition or middle partition for their hair. Parting your hair accentuates its sparseness. So, leave those hair styles for the lucky fellows with bushy hair!

These fashion tips will help you with some fresh ideas of thin hair styles for men.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 15, 2011, 11:07 [IST]
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