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Top 6 Men Fashion Rules

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

Now, we are at a time when fashion is not restricted to women alone. Men too need to be fashion conscious and educate oneself with the recent men fashion rules. A walk on these rules will not only help you set the perfect first impression but also make you look and feel good among others.

Men fashion rules are nothing but logic which are mentioned below in few simple steps -

1.Shirt, Tie And Turban – Your shirt and tie should always be of the same colour, the shades however can be different. In case of turban, it too should be of the same colour. One colour ties are now outdated. The trend at present is that of strips and checks in formal occasions; printed ties for party and polka dots for formal parties.

2.Belt And Shoes – It's best to match the colour of your belt and shoes, which is generally possible in formal wears. For formal wears stick to the traditional colours of black and brown. But for casual wears or semi-formal attire, if you are wearing sneakers of trendy colours with jeans, this rule does not follow. The reason being the colours are difficult to match. With different colour shoes it's best to stick to colours like black and white.

3.Flat Front Trouser – It is a myth that flat front trousers make one look fat. In fact, they make you look thin. Flat Front trouser, generally are worn for formal occasion but at times can also to worn in casual parties. Pleated trousers, which are much in use, are out of trend.

4.Socks, Shoes And Pants – The colour of the three should be the same. Sometimes the colour of the socks may not match the pant but it should always be in coordination to the shoes. It is best to stick to the basic colours of black and brown with socks. The colour palate can extend to white, beige, blue but never sport jazzy coloured socks.

5.Watches – Big watches are in the trend now but that does not make it necessary to be worn. Your watch should match your body type. Big watch on lean men are a complete mismatch. Such watches are best worn on broad wrists. It's best to stick to stylish ans simple watches.

6.Sun Glasses – Sun Glasses, have a magical effect on your look and thus it is very important to choose the right one. The shade of the sun glass should match your skin tone and the size should match your face cut. Generally, small sized sunglasses look good on chiseled face and big one look good on people with broad jaw lines.

To look good is to be according to look according to the situation, the mood and the body type. These six men fashion rules will help you to look your best.

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Story first published: Monday, September 13, 2010, 15:58 [IST]