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10 Tips For Flawless Foundation Application

Most of us have an ambivalent relationship with foundation. We totally want the flawless skin that foundation promises while our failed attempts to make the foundation look natural brings the feeling of immense frustration. But, we haven't given up on the foundation just as yet, have we? Good.

Of course you want your foundation to look natural and give you an even skin tone, but using the same application strategy each time and expecting different results won't help you in any case. Getting a flawless foundation application requires a few tips and tricks. We'll get to that in a second. But, before that, you need to choose the foundation wisely. If the foundation you have isn't right for your skin, no matter how many tips you use, it won't make a difference.

Now that you have the right foundation, read on to know all the amazing tips for flawless foundation application.

Get The Correct Undertone

While looking for the right foundation for you, one thing we miss is our undertone. Getting the 'right' foundation with the wrong undertone can be the reason your foundation is looking ashy and washed out. So, get to know your skin tone and get the foundation with an undertone that matches your skin.

If you are a beginner at make-up and have no idea what we are talking about, here's a quick way to find your undertone. Look closely at your face, if you find a golden shade on the skin, you have warm undertone and if you find a pink shade, you have cool undertone. Another way is to look at the colour of your veins. If your veins are green, you have warm undertone and if your veins are purplish blue, you have cool undertone.

Once you get a foundation with the right undertone, it would be easy to get a flawless finish.

Focus On Skincare

Foundation looks flawless on skin that has been cared for. For your foundation to look best, cleanse your skin with a gentle face wash and apply a nice layer of moisturiser. Moisturiser really does the trick. With a properly moisturised skin, the product glides on smoothly on the skin and your won't have to bother about patchy or flaky finish. So, before you start with the foundation, prep your skin by applying a nourishing moisturiser.

Use A Primer

Primer is a step that most of skip. But, if you want to have flawless foundation, primer is what you need. Primer is an amazing products that helps to blur the skin pores and ensures a smooth application. With the pores taken care of, the foundation is easier to blend and it instantly looks more natural. If you have large pores, make sure to press the primer into your skin for a better finish.

Get The Tools Right

Often overlooked, the tools you use to apply your foundation play a major role in determining how the finished look would turn out to be. You can either use a beauty blender or foundation brush to blend your foundation. If you want an extremely natural look, use a beauty blender but only after dampening it a little. For the days you want full coverage, use a foundation brush. With a foundation brush, go lightly or else you would leave streaks all over your face. Stat blending from the middle towards the outer corners of your face. Fingers are best used when you are using a sheer foundation or a tinted moisturiser.

Deal With Evident Dark Circles First

The dark circles poking from under your foundation can be the reason for your foundation looking ashy. While ideally a concealer is supposed to be used on top of the foundation, if you have bad dark circles, conceal them before applying the foundation. We also suggest you colour correct before the concealer. We know it is a extra step added to your routine, but you are going to love the end result.

For dark circles, get a green colour corrector. Apply it under your eyes and blend. Top it off with a full coverage concealer and blend it well. Now, apply the foundation.

Set The Foundation

Once you have applied the foundation and concealer, and blended it thoroughly, immediately set the make-up using a loose setting powder. This prevents the product from cracking or moving on your skin, and also keeps the greasiness in check. If you have extremely dry skin, you can just powder the shiny areas of your face and where you have applied the concealer.

Don't Rush

Foundation is the product you can apply in a rush. If you want your foundation to look flawless, you need to take your time and blend it into your skin thoroughly. Dot the foundation all over your face, after you are done with prepping the skin, and use a damp beauty blender to blend it in. With slow and gentle dabbing motions, blend the foundation to get the natural look.

If you do not have enough time at your hands, you should skip the foundation and go for a tinted moisturiser.

Start Slow

With the full coverage foundations advertised like crazy, we tend to go hard with the foundation to gain the flawless look. Layering the product seems like a good idea until the foundation starts to crack only after a couple of hours. If you want to full coverage, learn the art of building up the products.

Start with a light layer of the foundation, blend it well and then apply another coat. If you have a good foundation and you are good with blending, you can build you foundation easily to the look that you want. However, if you apply a lot of product at once, it will end up looking blotchy and unnatural.

Change With The Season

Whether you know it or not, your skin changes its texture and colour throughout the year. In summers your skin is more oily and in winters, it is more dry. And then there is tanning. So, you can't expect one single shade of foundation to work for you all through the year, especially if you use it quite frequently.

The wrong shade of foundation might be the reason that it looks unnatural. Notice your skin and swap your foundation shade as per your skin's demands.

Don't Forget To Mist It

Your make-up looks a tad bit uncomplete until you drench it with setting mist. With the heavy products and setting powder, you base can look a little bit dusty. This is where the setting spray or face mist comes in. After you are done with our make-up, drench your face with some setting spray and let it dry. It meshes everything together and gives you a flawless look.

Don't Try To Erase The Flaws Completely

Lastly, the most important tip- do not try to paint your face with the foundation. Foundation helps to conceal your flaws a bit not completely erase them. If you try to use the foundation to erase your skin, it will surely end up looking fake, unnatural and cakey. So, get the most of the foundation but own your little flaws as well to get the desired flawless foundation application.

Story first published: Saturday, August 29, 2020, 16:24 [IST]
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