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The New Emoji Makeup Challenge Takes Internet By Storm; Netizens Create Stunning Looks And Give Goosebumps!

Instagram is that one online platform that keeps people engaged as well as entertained. It has been introducing various challenges and trends that people follow and stuns the users by adding their own unique twist. The latest trend that has gone viral is the new 'emoji makeup' challenge. The challenge gives the makeup enthusiasts a chance to flaunt their creativity by painting their faces and recreating the common emojis of their choice.

A number of netizens have taken part in this amazing challenge and took the makeup game to another level as they went creative with emojis, from water melon to flowers to evil monsters to clouds. While some kept it simple, some even added drama by using multiple props. Some showed their creativity through pictures, others took the challenge to another level with videos, where they created multiple emoticons with Katy Perry's Dark Horse song, running in the background. Under hashtags #EmojiMakeup and #EmojiMakeupChallenge, these stunning makeup looks and flawless transformation videos are what you absolutely can't miss. Take a look at some of the emoji makeup looks.

Awez Darbar, who is a popular social media influencer, tried out this amazing emoji makeup challenge and it was quite funny. He recreated three emojis. The first one was a pink flower. For that, he wore the garland around his neck and face. Next was the silver coin. For that, he stuck the actual real coins all over his face, neck, and even tongue. The third one was a white cartoon ghost. For that, he covered his face with a white tee and tore it from eyes part and mouth.

This user created the entire scenery on his half part of face. Giving mountains emoticon a unique twist, he drew the clouds, mountains, trees, river, and grass by using multiple paint colours.

This lady went for fruit emoji makeup and painted multiple fruits on her face. One on forehead, one on her eye, and the third one on one of her cheeks.

This Instagram user tried out multiple emojis. She first went for a fire emoji. For that, she covered her head and face with a red dupatta and then painted fire emoji around her eyes. The second one was the rainbow emoji. For that, she draped a pink dupatta over her head and painted white clouds and stars on her face. The third one was a pink heart emoji and the last one was a fire cracker.

This user left us absolutely stunned with her creativity and transformations. She picked very difficult emojis and yet nailed it. She created the emojis not just with face paints but also made use of props. The first one was green snake. The second was a pink flower, third was Saturn planet, and the last one was diamond. Her looks were really impressive.

This user recreated quite a lot of emojis and that too with perfection. She first did base before doing makeup and later painted her face trying out watermelon emoji, ice cream, butterfly, ghost, snake, and a couple of more emoticons.

This woman's makeup skills impressed us a lot. She tried out 5 emojis like ghost, sun, horse, paint, and flower bouquet and created it perfectly.

Story first published: Wednesday, March 3, 2021, 16:30 [IST]