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7 Beauty Tips For An Instant Face Lift

After all those late nights and stressful work days, it is no wonder that our skin looks dull and tired. It can be worrisome and with time our dull skin tends to loose its elasticity and starts to sag slowly. The measures we take to sprinkle life back into our skin are going to take some time to show visible results. Till that happens, it might be the best idea to try some clever make-up tips that can add an instant lift to your face and fake a fresh and young face. While the effect will only last till you wash your face at night but these are enough to get you through your day without worrying about your appearance.

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Load Up On Moisturiser

The role of moisturiser to keep our skin healthy is no secret. But, moisturiser becomes even more important when you want your skin to look firm and youthful. In the morning before you put on your make-up, apply a generous amount of moisturiser on your face and let it sink into your skin.


Conceal All The Fine Lines

Use a concealer to hide those troublesome dark circles and fine lines. With these concealed, your face will instantly look lifted. The trick here is using the perfect shade and type of concealer. For providing a lift to the face, liquid concealers work best. Apply the concealer on all these problematic areas and use a concealer brush or blender to blend the concealer with your skin. Avoid using your fingers as the unblended strokes will do just the opposite of what you intended and make your face look duller.


Learn To Contour Like A Pro

Contouring might intimidate you but it is the perfect trick to fake a lifted face. Get a concealer 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone and use it to chisel your nose, cheekbones, temple, jawline and under your chin. Then use a contour brush or a beauty blender to blend it and after the shape of your face completely.


Use A Nude Eyeshadow

Bright colours may look appealing but they also accentuate your droopy eyes in a way you wouldn't want. Stick to nude eye colours that vary from a few shades lighter and darker than your skin tone. Apply a darker shade to your crease and a lighter shade to your lids. Blend the shadows well making sure not to go over your crease. Highlight your brow bone to brighten the outer corner of your eyes. Also, do not apply the black pencil on your lower lash line as it puts the focus on your dark circles and compromises your flawless look.

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Shape Your Brows The Right Way

You won't believe how much of a difference eyebrow shape can make. Thin, overplucked or round eyebrows make your look older. Give a lift yo your brows to give a lift to your face. The next time you visit the salon, ask the lady doing your brows to pump up the arch of your brows.


Highlight, Highlight, Highlight!

For a beautiful look that uplifts your face as well, use the highlighter to add glow to your face. With the right amount of sheen, the high points of your face will catch the most attention giving the illusion of a firm and youthful face. Using light strokes, apply the highlighter on your cheekbones. Then move towards your forehead and apply the highlighter right above the outside corner of your eyebrows. Lastly, with a clean and light stroke of the brush, highlight your nose.


Go For An Uplifting Hairdo

Do not let your hair fall flat on your face. It makes your look washed down and aged. Go for hairstyles that pull at the skin of your face and uplifts your face. A high ponytail is a perfect hairstyle to achieve the uplifted look. A high bun or a half updo should also work fine to instantly give you a youthful and fresh look.

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Story first published: Friday, July 17, 2020, 8:30 [IST]