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The Baked Makeup Trend Is Dominating Social Media; Here's How You Can Do It

Whether you have oily skin or humid temperatures, baking makeup is one of those techniques that can really take your makeup game to the next level. And no, it does not involve dropping your prized beauty products into a hot oven.

Yeah, there is no MICOWAVE involved here guys!

As IPSY points out, the layered makeup technique has been popular for years among the drag community prior to being adopted by celeb makeup artists and beauty YouTubers [1].

Although it has become increasingly popular to use makeup baking to create a flawless face, many of us are not certain how to achieve that spotless finish - and girlies, we are here to assist you.

Essentially, makeup baking is the process of setting concealer with loose powder to create a poreless, crease-free, matte appearance.

Even a beginner can bake their makeup and achieve a professional appearance with the right tips.

How To Bake Your Face: Steps-By-Step Guide

Anybody can bake - that's the beauty of it, it works for any type of skin. However, the technique works best if you're gonna go big! You might want to skip out on baking if you're opting for minimal makeup.

Baked Makeup Trend; How To Do It

What You'll Need To Bake Your Face

Sounds very ominous right, lol? For baking your makeup, you will need the following seven items:

1. Eye cream

2. Foundation

3. Concealer

4. A makeup sponge

5. A fluffy makeup brush

6. Setting powder

7. Setting spray

How To Bake Your Face

Step 1: Apply eye cream

Start by applying an eye cream beneath your eyes with your ring finger. Gently dab in the cream, concentrating on the area beneath your eyes, which often suffers from dryness.

Baked Makeup Trend; How To Do It

Step 2: Apply your foundation

Makeup sponges should be dampened before use so that foundation can be applied evenly and blended well.

Step 3: Apply concealer under your eyes

Apply a thick layer of concealer in the under-eye area in the shape of an inverted triangle, and gently blend it in with a damp makeup sponge. If you wish to create an illusion of lifted eyes with your concealer, blend the concealer upward, past the edge of your eye to your temples like a highlighter would.

Step 4: Apply loose powder

You should pour your powder into the lid of the powder pot so that you have control over how much powder you use to cover your face. Start by sprinkling a thin veil of loose powder over the entire face, and apply it lightly with a powder brush in order not to disturb your makeup.

Next, apply loose powder to your eyes. Use a sponge or puff and gently press the powder under the eyes and toward the temples, without rubbing it in, simply letting it sit on top. You'll need a generous amount.

It is recommended that you repeat the process under the cheek sculpt and anywhere else you wish to highlight (such as your forehead, bridge of the nose, corners of the mouth, etc.).

Baked Makeup Trend; How To Do It

Step 5: Bake

Allow the powder to sit and "bake" for a few minutes. Let the powder sit on your face for 5-10 minutes. Your body heat will cause the makeup to "bake" or oxidise while the powder absorbs excess oil.

Step 6: Brush off excess powder

It is time to remove the excess powder now. To do this, use a fluffy powder brush to remove the baking powder and soften the edges of any powder products you have applied. When applying translucent powder to your face, use a powder brush (a nice, fluffy brush) and flick it gently in a circular motion to avoid harsh edges.

And, voila, you're all baked!

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