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Ananya Panday Celebrates World Lipstick Day With Bold Red Lips And A Fun Challenge

It's World Lipstick Day, guys! Lipstick is one of the most important steps in our make-up routine. For many of us, all our make-up look entails is a flattering lipstick. No surprise there that it got its own day to celebrate. 29 July is celebrated as World Lipstick Day and Ananya Panday has the most fabulous way to celebrate this day.

Ananya Panday took to her Instagram handle to celebrated this day by having some fun with make-up. The long quarantine period has kind of dulled down our spirits. It's been ridiculously long that we have dressed up to go somewhere or even put a slight bit of make-up. I feel we are all living on lip balms these days. With our grim moods and the gloomy monsoon season, Ananya shared the trick to lift our spirits- bold and red lips, and we couldn't agree more.

Red lips are considered a classic for a reason. No matter the outfit, the tone of your make-up, or your mood, red lips always make things better. Challenging her followers to put on red lipstick and post a self with the hashtag #RedAndReadyAgain, Ananya encouraged her followers to cheer up and enjoy the day. "Trust me, a red lipstick is just what you need today", promised Ananya with her post.

Red lipstick truly can work its magic on a look. You can make the most basic of looks pretty iconic by just putting on red lipstick. If the red intimidates you, you can always tone it down by dabbing some translucent powder over it. If you want a tinted red lip look, you can always use your fingers to dab on the lipstick on your lips, instead of using the lipstick bullet to apply it.

If you are looking for red lips inspiration, Ananya has tons of it. She has worn the red lips quite a few times. Here's a glimpse!

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post vs. pre butter chicken mood 🤪🍗❣️

A post shared by Ananya 💛💫 (@ananyapanday) on

We hope you took Ananya's advice and added red lips to your day to make it more cheerful and less quarantined.

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