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6 Best Nude Lip Shades For Dusky Skin

Nude lip shades have taken our life in a way that we never imagined. We love nudes and all of us have our favourite nude. There is a wide range of nude lip shades available in the market today and it is said that there is a nude available for every skin tone. Although, with all these options available it becomes a tedious task to find the perfect nude for your skin tone.

While it is believed that it's difficult to find lip shades that suit the exotic dusky skin tone, when it comes to nude lip shade, the world is your oyster. Nude lip shades can look stunning on dusky skin. You just need to explore a little more. It can be too pale a nude or too dark for the nude to work for dusky skin.

With that being said, in the article today, we've compiled a list of six nude lip shades that we think will work best for a dusky skin tone. Take a look and choose your nude.

1. Tan Brown

Tan is the 'in' colour right now, whether it's on your body or your lips. If you've got a dusky skin tone, a tan brown is the colour for you. It is a perfect lip shade for medium to dusky lip shade and works well with various make-up looks.

It is a neutral shade that gives you a perfect opportunity to play with your eye look. Just fill in your eyebrows, put on some highlighter and you're ready to roll.

2. Nude Purple

Well, this is a colour you might be sceptical about. But trust us and go for it. This is a lip shade that will go amazingly well with your dusky skin tone. This, in fact, is a nude shade that is worn by many of our beloved celebrities.

Top it off with a gloss and it will pump up your entire look. This is another lip shade that allows you to play with your eye shadow. You can choose to keep the eye neutral or add some glitter to add that shine to your look. Keep your base neutral though and let your lips and eyes do all the talking for you.

3. Pinkish Beige

A pinkish beige is another nude lip shade that a dusky skin can rock. This is ideal when you don't want to stand out but still not look so basic. This lip shade is best paired with a bronzed base and dark eye look.

This is a lip shade that can help you soften your look. Choose a semi-matte finish if you opt for this colour. A semi-matte finish will enhance the effect of this lip shade.

4. Peach Pink

If you want to make a bold and sassy statement, choose this colour. Peach pink lip shade works amazingly well for the dusky skin tone. This is a lip shade that you can experiment with various bright-coloured clothes, make a fashion statement and works wonderfully with minimal make-up.

Add a little blush and highlighter with this lip shade and you're ready for a fun night out.

5. Blush Pink

For that glamorous avatar choose a blush pink lip shade. This might sound unusual, but it works like a charm. Wear this shade when you want your look to stand out. This shade gives you an edgy and sophisticated look.

Pair this up with a bold cat-eye and glittery eyeshadow for that oomph factor or keep your eye look neutral and let your lips shine. Add a pop of blush to your look and it complements your lip shade perfectly.

6. Chocolate Brown

The last one for today is chocolate brown. It is the darkest of all the shades mentioned. Deep and dark, this shade will work even for skin tone darker than the dusky one. This shade can be your every day casual lip shade and a perfect shade to wear to your office. This lip shade will give you a sassy and chic look at the same time.

If you're sporting this shade, make sure to keep your eyes neutral. A basic beige eyeshadow with finely lined eyes and a nice coat of mascara will enhance your lip shade and the entire look as well.

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