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Flaunt That Flawless Look Of Yours With This French Make-up Tutorial!

French women are undoubtedly the most beautiful ones. And, French women are known for their natural beauty, their glowing face and skin, and more importantly, their secret beauty tips. But, what makes them different?

What makes their skin so beautiful? What is their beauty secret? Well, it's not some rocket science. Just some simple things such as the French women take care of their basics first. They do not get involved in complex things like heavy or intense makeup and beauty treatments. They keep it simple... really simple. And that is what makes them beautiful. As they say... simplicity is the best.

So.. here we are with a simple and easy-to-do French make-up tutorial. Follow the simple and easy steps below and get started with it:

Materials Required

  • Eyelash curler
  • Toner
  • A tinted lip balm
  • Mascara
  • Concealer
  • Highlighter
  • Eye pencil
  • Blush

Step-by-step Procedure To Do French Make-up At Home

1. Prep your face

Always begin by prepping your face. Begin your make-up by washing your face with a face wash and then patting it dry. Next, apply a soothing oil-free toner. It will act as a layer between your make-up and the face and keep it protected at all times. Next, apply a lip balm to your lips. Applying a lip balm while prepping your face has its own advantages. For example, by the time you finish off with your make-up and move on to your lips to apply lipstick or a lip gloss, they are already prepared and moisturised by the lip balm and hence, do not get affected by the lipstick.

2. Conceal it

Once you are done with the toner, take some amount of matte finish dewy concealer and dab it onto your face with your fingers. Apply it on your face to hide any acne scars, blemishes or dark spots. You can also apply concealer to your under eye spots to hide dark circles or dark ring around the mouth. Always ensure that you do not apply the concealer to your entire face unless it's necessary as it will make your face look cakey. After all, the job of a concealer is to conceal (hide) scars, marks or spots on your face.

3. Get the glow

Once you have applied the concealer, move on to applying the foundation. For French make-up, always go for a lightweight matte finish foundation as it will make your face look glowing. It will also ensure that your face does not look cakey. Apply a little amount of foundation and then proceed to apply blush.

4. Curl your lashes

Next, move on to your lashes. Curl your lashes by using a lash curler. Once you are done curling them, apply a coat of mascara. Always remember that if you want to keep it simple, ensure that you apply a single coat of mascara and refrain from using fake lashes. But, again, that depends from person to person and their choices.

Next, use a metallic brown coloured eye pencil to highlight the spaces between your top and bottom lash lines.

5. Groom your brows

Once you are done with the lashes, move on to grooming your brows. Always remember that your eyebrows play a vital role in any make-up look. It is, therefore, essential that you groom them with care and invest some time while doing so. Once, you are done, move on to the next step - lipstick.

6. Finish off with your lips

Apply a single layer of any lipstick of your choice - preferably the one that matches your attire and the occasion you are getting decked up for!

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Story first published: Sunday, March 17, 2019, 10:00 [IST]