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    What Is A Make-up Setting Spray? Here's Everything You Need To Know

    By Amrutha

    Wearing make-up in itself is a time-consuming task. And when you have taken so much effort in applying you wouldn't want that make-up to fade away easily, right? Whatever make-up products you use on your face - be it foundation, concealer, blush or eyeshadow, they need to be in place and set all day long to achieve the look that you desire. This is where make-up setting sprays come to your rescue.

    Now you might be wondering about what exactly is a make-up spray? How do we use this in our make-up regime? What are the tips to be followed?

    make up setting sprsy

    Today in this article, we'll be telling you everything that you should know about make-up setting sprays.

    What Is A Make-up Setting Spray?

    Make-up spray is a product that is used to make your make-up last long without fading away.  Frequent make-up touch-ups can not only be time-consuming but also can be irritating at times. So in order to avoid these, you can use a make-up setting spray to make your job easy. But before using a product it is important to thoroughly research on how to use it and whether it is suitable for you or not. So, let us see some facts and tips that you should know about make-up setting sprays so that you can also add this product in your everyday make up routine.

    How To Choose A Make-up Setting Spray?

    1. Choose a make-up setting spray according to your skin type. If you have an oily skin, go for an oil-free spray. Similarly, if you have dry skin avoid choosing the ones that are alcohol-based since it will make your skin even more dry and rough. If you have a combination skin choose a spray accordingly.

    2. Keep in mind that the climate that you are in also matters in choosing a perfect spray. If you are in a humid climate choose the one that has a cooling effect and if it's cold go for the ones that can hydrate your skin.

    3. Choose a make-up spray according to the type of finishing you prefer. Some might give a matte look and some might giving a glowing or dewy look.

    4. SPF is essential. Not only your sunscreen or your foundations needs to be SPF protected but also your make up setting sprays, especially on sunny days.

    How To Use A Make-up Setting Spray?

    1. Make-up setting spray should be the last thing to be used on your face.

    2. Before using, thoroughly shake the make-up spray bottle. This is important because all the ingredients might settle down at the bottom and if you don't shake it up they won't give you the desired result.

    3. The next step is to spray it on your face. Hold the bottle about 7-8 inches away from your face and and spray it on your entire face and neck. Spray it a few times until you get a full coverage. One easy hack to evenly cover your face is spraying it first in 'X' shape and then moving on to 'T' shape.

    4. Now that you have applied the make-up setting spray leave it to dry. Let your skin absorb the spray and let it air-dry. Do not try to blend it or rub it as it will make your make-up messy.

    5. You can use this make up setting spray throughout the day whenever you feel there is a need to hydrate your skin. This is an alternative for frequent touch-ups.

    Some Facts To Know

    1. Use only a small amount of make up setting spray. Always go gentle on your skin. So more make up setting spray is a big no-no.

    2. Not all make up sprays are designed for all skin types. The ingredients used in make-up setting sprays may differ from product to product although most of them are water and alcohol based. Therefore you need to experiment with make-up setting sprays to know which one actually suits you.

    3. Some make up products can turn out to be sticky and oily for your skin. If you face this, then it is better to switch your make up setting spray.

    4. It is not necessary to use make up setting spray everyday. If you find that your make-up still looks fine at the end of the day, you need not use one.

    5. Make-up setting spray might not work for everyone. If you have a sensitive skin or any other skin conditions using a make-up setting spray won't be a good choice as some of them are alcohol-based.

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