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Makeup Guide For Different Face Shapes

By Mamta Khati

We all have the same elements: a nose, a mouth, two eyes, cheekbones, lips, ears, etc., yet all of us have different face shapes. Each face is different and unique and when it comes to applying makeup, we need to be a little bit careful because different shaped faces require different styles of makeup.

Sometimes, we often make the mistake of thinking that our face is round but we fail to miss the subtle angles completely. Makeup that looks good on a particular face shape may not look good on another face shape.

So, make sure you understand your face shape and apply your makeup accordingly. It is not at all difficult to find your face shape. In order to determine the shape of your face, you'll need to pull your hair back and tie it into a ponytail.

Once you have tied your hair, look in the mirror and analyze what you see in there. You should fall within one of the six categories that are mentioned below. Once you know what your face shape is, it will be easier to master your makeup skills. Here we go.


1. For Oval-shaped Face

This type of a face has slightly wider forehead than the chin. Oval shape is one of the most common face shapes and it's an easy shape to wear makeup on.

  • Focus On Blunt Features:The main reason to do a makeup on an oval face is to make the face look elongated. What you need to do is, you will need to concentrate on your blunt features (i.e., the nose). Many women with oval face shape have a blunt nose. Apply the foundation on your face and then apply some bronzer on the side of your nose. Make sure you apply it from the top to the bottom because this will make your nose look sharp and well defined.
  • Arched-shaped Eyebrows Is A No-No:Avoid arched eyebrows because it will make your face appear oval. Try to keep a natural shape.
  • Concentrate On One Feature:Make sure you focus either on your eyes or your lips. If you are highlighting your eyes, then keep the lip makeup simple and vice versa. Do not concentrate on both the features because this will make your face appear oval.
  • Apply A Blush:Blush can do wonders on an oval-shaped face because it will help make your face look elongated. Do not apply blush on the apple of your cheeks. Focus on the contours and on the sides of your cheeks. This will give your face a sleek look.

2. For Oblong-shaped Face/Rectangular Face:

Oblong faces are mostly mistaken for an oval-shaped face. Oblong face has a longer shape that is not so wide as the oval. The chin is narrow. So, the main objective here is to do a makeup in such a way that your face looks oval.

  • Arch Your Brows:Arch your brows, so that your face looks oval and round.
  • Use A Lighter And A Darker ShadeApply light pink on the part of your cheeks that you suck in. This will help make your cheeks look plumper. Apply rose dark shade on the apple ofyour cheeks.
  • Double Curl Your Lashes:Make sure you double curl your eyelashes before and after applying a mascara. This will make your eyelashes look dramatic and big. If you have short eyelashes, then you can use false eyelashes as well.
  • Apply Lipstick:Apply rosy pink colour on your lips, as this will make your lips appear wide and give you a fuller look.
  • Blunt Those Sharp Edges:For an oval face, we sharpened those blunt edges, but for an oblong face, you will need to blunt those sharp edges, like the edges of your jaws. If you have a sharp nose, make it appear less sharp. Do not use shadowing on the side of your nose. Instead, apply a bronzer on the top of your nose bone.

3. For Heart-shaped Face:

Women with heart-shaped face have wider forehead and cheekbones. They have a narrow chin and jawline. So, the main objective is to:

  • Apply A Foundation:Use a foundation that is of a darker shade than your skin and apply it nicely on your jawline. Now, use a highlighting powder or a shimmer (whitish or a pinkish shade) at the centre of your chin, front of your forehead, and on top of your nose.
  • Plump Up Your Lips:Make your lips look plumper by using a shiny lip gloss or a lip plumper. This will divert the attention from the jaw and people will focus only on the lips.
  • Use A Light Eye Shade:Use a lighter shade on your eyes. Do not make your eyes too smoky.
  • Apply A Light Blush:Apply a bronzer to contour your cheekbones by tracing the hollow of your cheeks. Now, use a subtle shade of blush to the apple of your cheeks.

4. For Diamond-shaped Face:

Women with diamond-shaped face have a narrow forehead and jawline. The cheekbones are at the widest point of the face. So, you will have to highlight the centre of your face.

  • Use A Highlighting Powder:You can use a highlighting powder or a liquid foundation on the forehead, at the bridge of your nose, and at the centre of the chin, so that the people's attention is drawn to the centre of your face.
  • Use A Bronzing Powder:Apply a bronzing powder or a foundation that is darker than your skin tone on the peak of your forehead, the tip of the chin, and on the underside of your cheekbones.

5. For Round-shaped Face:

Women with round face have prominent, round cheeks with equal width and length. So, you will have to apply your makeup focusing mainly on creating the illusion of length. Contouring is a must for this kind of a face shape.

  • Use A Bronzer:Applying a bronzer on the temples of your forehead and below the jawline will make your face look oval. Make sure you highlight your forehead, under your eyes, and your chin, so that the attention is drawn towards the centre of your face.
  • Use A Blush:Define your cheekbones by applying a blush just beneath it, or you can even apply it on the apple of your cheeks to get that perfect shape. Make sure you apply your blush in an upward stroke with a makeup brush, as this will give a slimming effect and make your face appear oval. Make sure you do not use bright colours, as this will only accentuate the roundness of your face.

6. For Square-shaped Face:

Women with square-shaped face have prominent jaw and a square chin. Their forehead and jawline are roughly of the same width. So, if you have a square-shaped face, then your makeup should round out your jawline.

  • Use A Bronzer:Contour the corners of your face by using a bronzer or a darker foundation on the sides of your jaws, blending it upwards, and at the sides of your forehead, by blending it down toward the temple.
  • Use A Highlighter:Apply a highlighter lighter than your skin tone in the centre of your forehead and under the tip of your chin. Blend it well.
  • Use A Blush:Use a tawny blush in the hollow of your cheeks to draw attention to your cheekbones. Brush a softer shade on the apple of your cheeks and make sure you blend it properly.
  • Apply Lipstick:You can opt for bright-coloured lipstick, lip gloss, etc., to draw attention to your lips.
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Story first published: Saturday, February 24, 2018, 16:00 [IST]
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