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How To Remove Makeup With Almond Oil?

All of us want to look good. Not everyone is naturally gifted to look good. However, this does not mean that people who are not good looking should be doomed to looking bad for the rest of their lives. Even they deserve the confidence that comes from looking and feeling good about oneself.

In a situation like this, it is obvious that average-looking girls should turn to makeup to meet their desires. Now, while there are a number of products that can elevate your look, there are innumerable hassles associated with the same.

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The major hassle associated with makeup is removal of the same. In most cases, merely to get rid of makeup, ones need to apply tones of artificial cleansers (which in itself contain quite some bit of chemicals). Needless to say, this sort of thing does more harm than good.

To avoid harm to the skin due to these sorts of things, the easiest thing that one can do is to go for natural remedies for the removal of makeup. Speaking of natural ways to remove makeup, the best possible thing that we can come up with is the use of almond oil. This article explores the different ways in which we can use almond oil for the removal of makeup.

1. Dabbing of cotton balls

Most girls who apply makeup are well aware of the fact that blushes and other makeup that is applied on the skin are the ones that are the most difficult to get rid of. For such harsh make up chemicals, the best thing that you can do is to dab a cotton ball (or a tissue paper that suits you better with a good amount of almond oil in it). After this, you can use the same to remove makeup.

2. Removal of eye makeup

In order to survive the dust and dirt of modern living, most of the eye makeup that we use these days is waterproof. While using waterproof makeup has its advantages (the fact that it lasts way longer than normal makeup), on the negative side, we can say that they are very difficult to get rid of. We cannot just wash off the same with a face wash. In such a situation, the best thing that one can do is to pour a few drops of almond oil on an ear bud and then use the same to get rid of that long-lasting kajal or mascara.

3. Overall makeup removal

This is something you can go for after you have removed the specific areas of makeup. Here, all that you have to do is to put a certain quantity of almond oil into your palm. The amount should not be too less and must be enough to cover your face. Once you are ready, go ahead and massage your face with the focus being on your eyes. Let it stand for 5 to 10 minutes, while you gently relax yourself. Once that is done, dip a cotton ball in rose water (or even plain water, in case you are allergic to rose water) and gently remove the makeup.

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4. Acrylic nail remover

All of us know that acrylic nail looks great on the hands the first few times it is applied. After a couple of weeks, the same thing tends to lose its charm and then begins the difficult task of you trying to remove the same. However the good news here is the fact that you do not need to struggle any further. Here, all that you need to do is dab your fingertips in almond oil for 5 to 10 minutes. After that you will be amazed to see how easily your nails come off.

5. Removal of greasy residues

For people using water-based makeup, it is natural that after you are done with the day, you will be left with some greasy residues on your face. This is a combination of dirt, dust and all that residual particles from your makeup. The pollution and stress of modern-day living ensures that these residual particles do not get away from your skin easily. In such a situation, the best thing that one can do is to go for almond oil for the removal of all that grease. Despite its name, it is interesting to note that almond oil does an excellent job at removing this sort of an unwanted grease from the skin.

6. Removal of lip makeup

There are a number of beauty products that we apply on our lips. The same ranges from lipstick and lip liners to lip balms and lip gloss. Like the mascara and kajal, these are also products that we prefer to be long lasting (as these products are very commonly used and we do not want to spend half of our productive day time doing touch ups). This makes them very hard to get rid of. In such a situation, one of the easiest ways out would be to dab a small amount of almond oil on your lips and let it stand for some time. After that, the same can be removed with a soft cloth. Not only will the makeup come off easily, but doing this will also leave your skin looking soft, glowing and radiant for days at end.

7. Massage of almond oil

Another well-established fact is that almond oil plays a pivotal role in toning the skin and bringing down the negative effects of free radicals. To bring out this benefit, all that you have to do is to use your fingertips to rub the coconut oil in gentle round circular motion over the areas where you want to remove makeup from. Once that is done, you can go ahead and apply a thin layer of the same and allow it to stand for 10 to 15 minutes. Once the given period is over, you can go ahead and wipe off the same with a soft, damp cloth.

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