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Damaged Make-up Products? Try These Tricks To Fix Them Instantly

There is nothing heartbreaking than seeing your make-up products break - especially for those who can be titled as make-up lovers. And, if your make-up products are really expensive, you might not want to go for a new product and end up spending more.

In such cases, what most people end up doing is that they keep using the same broken product for a long time. Well, you might be surprised to know that this actually can be a bad idea as using broken or damaged make-up products might harm your skin. And you definitely do not want that!

But guess what? There's always a fix to everything - even your broken make-up products! And, how is that even possible?

Broken Lipstick

We all have witnessed this at least once in our lives - broken lipstick, especially a favourite one. What do we do in that case? Buy a new one? Keep on using the broken one? Well, guess what? You can get it fixed easily at home. All you need is a lighter. Grab a lighter and melt your lipstick at the bottom until it slightly melts and becomes sticky. Once it becomes sticky, quickly paste it up with its other broken half. Store it in the refrigerator for at least an hour before you start using it again like it's brand new!

Broken Compact Powder/Blush/Highlighter/Eyeshadow

This is something that goes for all powder-based products that are in solid, cake form - be it compact, highlighter, eyeshadow or a blush. All you need to do is take the pieces of the compact/blush and put them back in their powder case. Cover the compact surface using a cling film.

With the help of a thick make-up brush, mash the product completely until it turns into powder. Take a dropper and add some alcohol to the powder and blend it until it becomes a fine paste. Leave it to dry. Once it gets dried, you will find a completely new product.

You can also use a spoon instead of a thick make-up brush if you don't have one readily available.

Dried Nail Polish Bottles

This is quite a common sight! You always buy a lot of nail paints, apply them once or twice and then forget about them. And, when you take them out for application, they just refuse to open and all you are left with is disappointment. But, hang on! There's a quick fix to it. Simply take a bowl of hot water and hold your nail paint upside down in it for at least 2 minutes. Take it out and tie an elastic band around its top portion for a grip. Now twist it in the anti-clockwise direction and it will easily open up.

Dried Up Mascara

Ever come across dried up mascara or eyeliner? Well, its quite a common sight! But, there's nothing to worry about it. You can instantly fix it with a simple and quick tip. Use a dropper to pour some lubricating eye drop liquid into your mascara bottle and shake it well. Leave it like that for 5 minutes and you can apply mascara on your lashes easily.

The same procedure goes for eyeliner as well.

Well... try these tricks and hacks and you will not have to worry about your broken make-up products ever!

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 18, 2018, 10:00 [IST]
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