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    DIY Orange Eye Makeup For A Bold Look

    By Amruta
    DIY Orange Eye Makeup For A Bold Look | Boldsky

    Want to make heads turn? Want to be the talk of the town at the next party you attend? Well, here's a hack that can help you do exactly that. Sizzle at the next party with amazing bold makeup and add some fun to your party mood.

    And, how do you do that? Help has arrived! Try this amazing orange eye makeup and pair it with a chic orange dress of yours and dazzle at an upcoming party.

    DIY Orange Eye Makeup

    As they say - eyes speak a thousand words. Well, it is absolutely true. Try this makeup at home and witness it for yourself and we promise you won't be disappointed.

    So, without wasting more time, let's head on straight to the how-to part.

    How To Do Orange Eye Makeup

    Prep Your Face - Apply The Base Makeup

    Before applying any makeup, it is very important to prep your face. For that, you need a few things. Let's see what these things are:

    1. Cleanser

    Before beginning with any makeup, you must clean you face with a cleanser. It helps to remove dead skin cells, oil and dirt from your face, thus making it ready for applying makeup. This is an important step in the makeup process.

    2. Foundation

    Next comes the foundation. Before applying makeup, you need to get your base right. But you need to remember on thing here - be subtle. Apply just one layer of the foundation. Do not overdo it. Foundation gives your face a uniform and flawless complexion and covers any flaws on your face.

    3. Concealer

    Well, well, well - here comes the concealer. As the name suggests, concealer helps you hide pimples, acne, blemishes, dark spots, and other marks on your face. You can apply a concealer to those areas only where it is required or you can apply it to the entire face too - but it might look overdone. It is recommended to use the concealer only where it is required.

    4. Powder

    And this one is pretty simple. You might find a range of compact powders in the market. These powders usually come for different skin tones. Choose the one which matches your skin tone the best. Just apply it on your face like you normally do. Also, remember the hack here - do not overdo it. And your base is all set for eye makeup.

    Eye Makeup Step By Step

    • Once you have applied base makeup, you can head on with the eye makeup. To begin with, you should apply a primer around the eyelids.
    • Take an eyeshadow brush and apply orange eyeshadow on your eyelids in a circular way. 
    • An important point to note here is that if you are mixing orange with another shade, you should apply the orange eyeshadow to the inner corner as well and then apply the other shade. 
    • You can then pick up a second shade to pair it with orange - may be brown or rust. 
    • Apply brown colour to the outer side.
    • Blend both colours nicely using the eyeshadow brush. You can even use your fingers to blend both the colours properly
    • Choose one highlighting eyeshadow shade and apply it below your eyebrows, so that your eyes appear bigger.
    • Then, take a black eyeliner and apply it to your eyes. You can go for a winged eyeliner, as it will make you look prettier.
    • Finally, apply the mascara, which will give you thick and long eyelashes.

    Since your face is all ready, you can go ahead with an important part of the makeup - lipstick or lip gloss. And because you are going all orangy today, you can choose a subtle orange-coloured lip gloss or a nude shade and you are all ready to rock the party!

    Do subscribe to Boldsky for more such fun tips, tricks, and hacks on skin care, makeup, and hair care. Also, let us know in the comments section below if you like the orange eye makeup tips and the outcome after you try it.

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