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    Five Instant Morning Beauty Hacks For A Busy Girl

    By Amruta

    Every girl desires to look good - and she deserves it too. But what happens when you do not have sufficient time to get ready, put your makeup on and leave for your college or office? Most of us face this kind of a situation sometime or the other. But...what we often forget is that there is a solution to everything. Like they say...where there is a will...there is a way!

    Therefore, today at Boldsky, we have specially curated a list of five amazing beauty hacks that will help the busy girl in you to look good and presentable throughout the day.

    Five Instant Morning Beauty Hacks

    Happy, aren't you? Well, we know you are! And, since you are smiling, we will make sure that your smile is retained forever with the hacks that we present you with. These instant beauty hacks will literally take 15 minutes of your busy schedule and you will definitely feel happy that you gave it a try...and for the best!

    So, without wasting more time of yours, let's head on straight to the point - Instant beauty hacks for the pretty you.

    Firstly, when speaking about beauty hacks, you need to prioritise certain things - like for example - if you are super busy and have no time to invest in proper can surely skip the eyeshadow and mascara part and just do away with a little eyeliner. And, it will save your time as well as serve your purpose too. Now, that's some good deal coming your way, isn't it?

    To know more about such fun hacks, read on and I am sure you won't be disappointed!

    Instant Beauty Hacks

    1. Nails Should Look Perfect

    Problem: Well, this is absolutely true and no one can deny that. Your nails should look presentable all the time - be it at office or college. And what happens when you run out of time and do not have the time to choose a nail paint, apply it, and then wait for it to dry and then apply a second coat and then again, wait for it to dry. Sounds like never-ending, right? Well, No! That's not the case. Here's a hack - just for you.

    Hack: Choose a dark coloured or a semi-dark nail paint that will not require a second coat at all. Also, choose a quick dry nail paint, so that you don't have to wait for it to dry. One thing to remember here is that when you are choosing a nail paint shade, always go for the one which will match with a number of dress colours, so that you don't have to keep changing your nail paint every single time.

    2. Quick Shampoo Is A Great Choice

    Problem: Shampooing your hair might take time. And, that is not the end. Then comes another tough part - conditioning your hair. And, you also have to take care that the shampoo and conditioner are well rinsed. You can leave them half rinsed, as it might damage your hair and spoil your look for the day. What to do, then? Well, I have a trick.

    Hack: Most people oil their hair before shampooing. Avoid it. Do not oil your hair when you don't have enough time to spend on shampooing, as oily hair demands more shampooing to get the oiliness and stickiness removed completely. Also, apply less of the conditioner to your hair and focus on the tips, so that you take less time rinsing it. Go for a good-quality hair serum later which will settle the scores.

    3. Little Makeup Is Really Good

    Problem: Do not overdo your makeup - and anyway, who has time for it? Trying to put on every item from your makeup kit will really take long and a complete makeup look is not even required every day. Just a little makeup could really work wonders for you. Wondering how to do that? Help has arrived!

    Hack: Minimal makeup is the key. Just go for a compact powder and then apply some blush. You can easily skip the foundation and the concealer part - but only if you want to, of course. I'm just trying to help you save as much time as you probably can. Another trick here is that you can easily slip the eyeshadow and mascara part of the makeup. Just a little eyeliner could do.

    4. Did You Apply Lipstick Yet? Oh, Wait

    Problem: Lipstick is good - and it won't take all time in the world but choosing the right lipstick and the right lip liner might take some time. And, you could save that time too. How? Read on to know.

    Hack: You can simply go for a coloured or a tainted lip balm and you are good to go. It will make your lips look good and will surely enhance your smile.

    5. Wait, You Haven't Forgotten The Hairstyle, Right?

    Problem: Another major hurdle when you have no time to get ready. What hairstyle to do, how to tie your hair properly, is your hair even looking good - are some frequently asked questions. Well, well, well, help is here and there is nothing to worry.

    Hack: If you are a college-going girl, you can simply go for the messy bun or a braided ponytail look. It will take barely a few minutes for you to do it and will ensure that your hair stays in place throughout the day. Also, it will very well suit your subtle makeup too.

    And, if you are an office-going girl, you can simply go for a ponytail look. It looks decent and makes you look more professional. You can also opt for the braided ponytail look. It too makes you look presentable and keeps your hair intact for the whole day.

    I'm sure you all pretty ladies must be relaxed to know that there is something you can do for yourself in a short span of time and look and feel good. Well, time to try on these hacks and look beautiful as always.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, May 16, 2018, 8:30 [IST]
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