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Make-up Tips To Follow For Women Over 50

Now that you have cut your 50th birthday cake, it is time to bring in a lot of changes to what was happening till now. From your everyday lifestyle and your diet to your make-up plan - revamp it all in order to embrace ageing with grace and fancy.

Make-up after you turn 50 becomes a challenge because the skin starts giving up. Women become upset because despite coating their skin with all kinds of cosmetics, the skin continues to be dull.

makeup tips for 50+ women

Here is the solution; change your make-up technique so that the skin can accept it and make you look great.

Your aim for make-up post 50 is not to hide your age, but make yourself look flawless. So that you can continue to look wonderful considering age as just a number.

Here are the make-up tips that every woman must follow once she turns 50.

Change Your Moisturiser

No matter how much you age, your CTM routine has to be fixed. In your CTM routine, you just need to change your skin's moisturiser. Post 50, use skin moisturisers that are meant for ageing skin and wrinkles. If you do not start using this kind of moisturiser on a daily basis, then the skin can age faster. So the first beauty buy for women over 50 years of age is an anti-ageing skin moisturiser.

Pick The Right Foundation

Do not continue the same brand, shades and kind of foundation that you used to buy in college. Now its time to buy foundations that are specially catered for mature, ageing skin. Foundations for older women are lighter in composition and sit easily on their soft skin. Also, your foundation should in par with your skin tone.

Plump Your Lips

One of the common side effects of ageing, that becomes very noticeable on the skin, is ageing lips. The lips tend to become loose. The remedy is to coat your lips with a lip gloss. Even if you plan to wear lipstick, first apply a good lip gloss and then opt for a lipstick of your preferred colour. Lip gloss plumps the lips immediately. You can go for neutral lip gloss or the ones that come with a little shade of pink, red and so on.

Invest On A Primer

With age, the skin becomes rough to apply make-up on. Make-up products concentrate on the fine lines and wrinkles on your face. So, before beginning to apply make-up, the first beauty product you must apply is a primer. The primer evens out the skin texture of the face and prepares a good base for the remaining make-up to be applied. When buying a primer, ensure it has SPF benefits.

You Need Both Highlighters And Illuminators

Ageing skin can skip out on concealer as acne or pimples are lesser on your skin now. The must-own make-up products for women aged 50 or above are highlighters and illuminators. Both add a sheer to the skin which conceals the real age, making you look younger and prettier. Highlighters and illuminators should be in par with your skin colour.

Stick To Cream Blush

Women over 50 years of age must stick to a cream blush. This is because, the powder blush has more chances of getting concentrated on your face lines and wrinkles. On opting for cream blush, just blend it with your fingers and your make-up will be at its best. Cream blushes offer a wide variety of colours as well. Along with powder blush, women over 50 should reduce using all kinds of powder-based make-up products.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, September 27, 2017, 14:00 [IST]
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