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How To Perfectly Shape Your Eyebrows At Home

By Shabana
Eyebrow को Eye Pencil से दे PERFECT Shape; Watch Tutorial | Boldsky

Diwali time= party time! The more people you know, the more parties you'll get invited to.

The festival season also means lots of chores at home - cleaning, washing, cooking and decorating. You end being completely exhausted at the end of the day. But what if you have a party to attend to within an hour? It might already be too late for a trip to the salon. What do you do then?

The glow of the face can be brought by a nice clean-up at home itself. The dark circles and spots can be hidden through clever concealing. Hair buns are a rage nowadays. But another important feature of your face can make or break your entire look - your Eyebrows!

Eyebrows are a prominent feature of your face. Untamed and bushy eyebrows look extremely barbaric, so to say. Nicely trimmed and shaped eyebrows will enhance your eyes and make your whole face brighten up. No matter what kind of eyebrows you have - thin or bushy, it's important to keep them well groomed. Beautiful eyebrows have the power to transform your entire look perfectly.

It may be preferable to get your eyebrows done by a beauty professional, as she will be at a better position to shape your eyebrows in a way which will appeal to your face. But just in case you do not have the time for a beauty appointment, this article will tell you step-by-step methods to perfectly shape and trim your eyebrows right at home!!!

Step-by-step Method To Shape And Trim Your Eyebrows At Home


Step 1:

Knowing Your Shape

The first step towards grooming your eyebrows at home should be to know what shape of the eyebrows suits your face the best. Bushy eyebrows look the best when they are groomed into a perfect arch. Ladies with thin eyebrows should be careful as to not remove a lot of hair.


Step 2:


Make an outline sketch of your desired shape using an eyebrow pencil. Make sure to match the shape of both the eyes. Now you will have a clear idea as to how your eyebrows will end up looking.


Step 3:

Prepping Work

Now that the stencil is ready, brush you eyebrows in upward strokes to figure out the roots of the hair to be removed. Brushing will also align all the hair in a single direction, making the process easier.


Step 4:


It's time to remove the excess hair and shape your brows. Go according to your stencil. Any hair outside of your outline should be plucked. Make sure to correctly remove the roots of the hair to be removed and not any hair inside the stencil. Start from over your eyebrows first, as that is much easier to work on. Once, you have achieved some confidence, move on to the under section. After finishing with both the eyebrows, compare and see whether both are identical or not. Uneven eyebrows look funny. Remove some strands here and there to make them look even. You need to know where to stop or else you will end up with having very thin eyebrows, which is not at all appealing.


Step 5:


Once you have finished with the tweezing, brush the brows again and check for any uneven lengths. If so, trim them with an eyebrow scissor.


Step 6:


Finally, brush off the excess hair and do a final check in the mirror.

- If you are a first timer in shaping your brows at home, do not worry. Just follow the steps along with your intuition and you will be fine.

- In any case, where you have over-tweezed your eyebrows or you find any gaps between them, you can always fill them up with a good eyebrow pencil.

- If you have tweezed your eyebrows too thin, applying coconut/castor oil on them will help promote faster hair growth.

So, don't be afraid to make mistakes, this is how you learn. And one day, you will become an expert in tweezing your own eyebrows and never have to be at the mercy of those parlour aunties again.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 12, 2017, 12:29 [IST]
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