How To Make Sure Your Kajal Does Not Smudge All Day

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If there is one makeup item that we Desi girls cannot live without, it is kajal. And why not? We are blessed with beautiful, dramatic, expressive eyes, and kajal helps enhance them. So, here's how you can make sure that your kajal does not smudge and lasts all day.

We love kajal, but sadly, it tends to smudge at the end of the day, and sometimes even in the middle of the day. This happens to a lot to people who have oily skin, not to say that other skin types are safe from it. So, one of the key tips to follow would be to avoid oiliness.

This sounds a lot easier than it actually is, given the crazy weather conditions in India, and a lot of us having to use public transport. So, what are the foolproof ways to make sure that kajal lasts all day long? Well, keep reading this post and you'll find out!


1. Clean Your Face:

Like we mentioned earlier, you need to have a clean base that is free of all oils. So, wash your face well before you start doing any makeup.


2. Use An Eyeshadow:

Use a black or grey eyeshadow to intensify the kajal and make it less oily. This will help soften the kajal look and at the same time make it last all day long.


3. Dab Some Powder On:

Use a translucent powder on the under-eye area right after you are done applying the kajal, to make sure your skin does not get oily too soon. That is how to get a smudge-free kajal.


4. Blotting Paper:

If you have oily lids, you might want to carry around blotting paper with you. Anytime you feel like your lids are getting oily, just use some blotting paper.


5. Right Kajal:

Buy a good branded kajal. There are several, very reasonable options available these days, so you have a huge list of options to pick from. The wrong kajal can smudge off quite easily and leave behind dark, black marks.


6. Gel:

If you have seen that kajal pencils just don't seem to work for you, and smudge no matter what, you may want to switch to a gel liner. These have more pigmentation and intensity that kajal pencils do not have and they don't smudge at all. They come in a pot and have to be applied using a brush and may be are pricier than the pencil ones, but they last all day long and are completely worth it.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 17, 2017, 11:04 [IST]
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