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How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes The Right Way

By Rima Chowdhury

It is not the makeup, but it is makeup brush which is responsible for flawless and perfect makeup. A person needs to be a perfectionist when it comes to using makeup brushes. If you want to know how to clean makeup brushes, continue reading.

With a large variety of makeup brushes available in the market, makeup has now become an easy task. From lipstick makeup brushes to an eyeliner brush, you have all of them in the market according to various needs.

Well, when it comes to taking care of these makeup brushes, what efforts do you take?

Makeup brushes should be taken care of just like your makeup essentials or hair brushes because it tends to be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

Not washing your makeup brushes and using them directly on the face may leave you with skin irritation and allergies.

Well, check out the different ways on how to clean the makeup brushes at home.


Baby Shampoo

Cleaning your makeup brushes with baby shampoo is one among the effective ways to remove the buildup of makeup from the brushes.

Take some baby shampoo and add it to some amount of water. Now keep your makeup brushes in this water for 30 minutes and clean well. Then, give a final rinse with cold water and lay them flat to dry.


Coconut Oil

Due to antibacterial properties found in coconut oil, it can help to kill the bacteria and germs inside the brush.

Take some coconut oil in a bowl and soak your makeup brush in this. Clean well with coconut oil and give a final rinse with shampoo water. Giving a rinse with shampoo water can help to keep the bristles of the makeup brushes soft and smooth.


Lemon Water

Cleaning makeup brushes in lemon water is another easy remedy to remove the buildup from the brushes. Take some lemon and squeeze out the juice.

Now take one cup of water, add lemon juice to it and soak the brushes in this solution. Rub the makeup brushes in to and fro direction, so that it helps to remove the dirt.


Detergent Water

If you have heavy buildup accumulated on the makeup brushes, you should opt to wash them in detergent water. Take some detergent and add it in one cup of water.

Now soak the makeup brushes inside the water and wait for some time. Rub the makeup brushes in to and fro directions. Rinse them well under cold water.


Olive Oil

Using olive oil to clean the makeup brushes helps to break down the buildup settled on the brushes. Take some olive oil and add it to water.

Now soak your makeup brushes in the oil and clean them with hands. Make sure the bristles are soaked properly in the olive oil and leave them for 30 minutes. Now rinse them with shampoo water and lay them flat under a fan.


Neem Face Wash

Using neem face wash can also help to break down the buildup from the brushes and keep your brushes clean. Using neem face wash helps to remove the dirt and makeup accumulated inside the bristles, thus keeping them hygienic.

Take some neem face wash and lather it by adding some water. Now soak the makeup brush inside the neem face wash solution and keep it for 30 minutes. Wash off with cold water.


How To Dry Your Makeup Brushes In The Right Way

One common mistake each one of us commits is by drying the makeup brushes in the upright position. You should never dry the makeup brushes in an upright position, as the water will settle down with the glue at the end.

You should always lay the makeup brushes flat and allow them to dry.

Do not dry the makeup brushes under direct sunlight, as it may melt the glue that holds the bristles together. It is always preferred that you should dry it under the fan inside a room.

You should prevent using hot water while washing the makeup brushes, as it may melt the glue and also affect the bristles of the brushes. Washing with extremely hot water may destroy your makeup brushes completely.

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