Bollywood Ladies Set Eyebrow Shape Goals For The Coming Festive Season

Eyebrow shape plays a critical role on a woman's face. It actually sets dimension to the face and hence, women love experimenting with their eyebrow shapes.

However, when it comes to having the right eyebrow shape, a lot is dependent on the parlour lady. Usually, she is asked what might suit the face and she does the shaping as per her wish.

But if you want your eyebrow shape to stand out this festive season, then how about getting some ideas from the leading ladies of Bollywood?

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Going for these eyebrow shapes will bring a quick makeover on your face along with a distinguishable change that would help you get a lot of praises during the festive season.

Feathery Edge From Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka has little less of hair by the end of her brows (as in the picture) and this happens with many women. Carry the feathery edge of your brows with grace by making the start of it, little bushy and heavy. However, the end should be rightly trimmed and shaped.

Uniform Eyebrow From Raveena Tandon

Raveena carries a uniform hair growth all over her brows. From the start to end, it is thick enough and is semi-circular in shape. Any woman can have Raveena's kind of an eyebrow in the coming festive season by first letting it grow big and then getting it shaped likewise.

High Arched Eyebrow From Madhuri Dixit

Since her debut in Bollywood, the steep arch of her eyebrows have been costly written about. Now, you can also go for the same look for the coming festive days. This very well suits women who have a broad forehead. When doing this eyebrow shape in the salon, ensure all the sides from the start to end are well trimmed.

Joined Eyebrows From Kajol

Joined eyebrows is a gift of nature; and women often get rid of it. Well, if you want, you can disconnect your pair of eyebrows but check how Kajol manages to keep a thin connect between the two. Isn't she looking cute with it? So, if your eyebrows are joined, trim the sides well and let them remain connected to add to your beauty quotient.

Thick Eyebrows From Alia Bhatt

Ladies, please don't be ashamed if you have thick brows. Do you know that those who don't have thick ones, are actually jealous of you? If you have thick brows, just clean the sides and shape it into a circle. See how Alia has her brows bushy at the start. You can instruct the same to your parlour girl.

Mid Arched Brows From Shilpa Shetty

Very much like Madhuri, in case of Shilpa, the arch comes right at the center of the brows. Look carefully, none can deny that her brows have been very well shaped. To do this, you have to make sure that your parlour lady is really a pro in eyebrow shaping and then go for the same. This eyebrow shape indeed carries a sense of feminism.

Side Arched Brows From Tapasee Pannu

For Tapasee, the arch of her brows come along the sides. While the left brow has the arch at the left end, the right one has it at the extreme right side. This side-eyebrow style can be borrowed this festive season if you like. Ensure all sides of the eyebrow are well trimmed before you go for this.

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    Story first published: Friday, September 8, 2017, 17:00 [IST]
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