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How To Get Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Your eyebrows enhance the beauty of your eyes. A pair of beautifully shaped eyebrows can give your face a sharp feature and make your eyes look more beautiful.

To get perfectly shaped eyebrows, plucking is the best way. All of you ladies obviously visit beauty parlours to have your eyebrows plucked. But, many of you end up in complaining that the shape has been disturbed.

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Often, many of you try to pluck your brows at home with tweezers. In that case, you need the best tips on how to get perfectly shaped eyebrows. What is the real meaning of shaping your brows?

It means to get the perfect shape of your eyebrows without disturbing its natural appearance.

Maybe, you like thinner eyebrows, but your thick eyebrows make your appearance more prominent. You just need to shape it in a way, so that they won't look odd.

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How to get perfectly shaped eyebrows at home? With simple tips and tools, you will know how to get perfectly shaped eyebrows.

You require tweezers and an eyebrow pencil and, most importantly, patience. Go through the tips on how to get the perfectly shaped eyebrows at home and you can limit your saloon visits. Read on to know more.


1. Decide:

The first thing you need to do is to decide about the hair strands that need to be plucked. Once you get that right, you can get beautifully shaped eyebrows within minutes.


2. Draw Shapes:

Now, it's time to select the shape that you want. Draw different shapes on your eyebrows to check which shape suits you the best. Once you find the best one, proceed further.


3. Take A Large Mirror:

To get perfectly shaped eyebrows, you need a clear, large mirror. It will help you to see each hair you need to pluck. Also, you can check if you're doing it correctly and how you'll look after the procedure.


4. Check Out The Beginning And The Tail:

To make your eyes look more beautiful, try having full-length eyebrows. You should check if the beginning of the brow is aligned with your nostril and the arch must fall at the side of your eyes.


5. Don't Over-tweeze:

If there are hairs above your brow, finely remove those. But, don't over-tweeze above the brow, as it may create an unnatural look and make you look dull. You should also go slow with the process. Concentrate on one hair at a time.


6. Don't Make Them Too Thin:

A thin-line eyebrow can create a surprised look. Many of you think that it will make your eyes look larger, but that's not true. It will only make you look awful, and this shape is very difficult to be corrected if done in a wrong way.


7. Concentrate On The Length:

While your concern is how to get perfectly shaped eyebrows, concentrate on the length. Don't extend the length forward, so that it creates a frowning look. Also, don't keep the tail long, as it will give you a droopy look. Always keep the length according to the width of your eyes.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 8, 2016, 7:00 [IST]
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