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8 Beauty Emergencies With Instant Remedies

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Beauty emergencies do happen and there is nothing to be embrassed about it. Even pro makeup artists do repeat beauty and makeup mistakes and thus, there exists a list of remedies against these.

Common beauty and makeup mistakes are backed by solid remedies, such that your good looks is never at stake. From the eyes, hair to the skin, at Boldsky beauty experts have tried and covered the common beauty and makeup mistakes and summed them in a list of eight.

Beauty Emergencies

Take a look at the listed eight beauty and makeup emergencies against each of which stands solid remedies that together reduce your makeup time span and also make you extra gorgeous without much effort.


Beauty Emergency I

In your facial appearance, a big role is played by the lips. And you definitely cannot carry chapped, stained or cracked lips. While hunting for the lip balm, suppose you discover it is over. What's the remedy? Yes, it's butter!


Beauty Emergency II

Oh yeah, the mascara smudges for so many women on the planet! This is one of the most common beauty emergencies and it is okay, if you got the same. The solution is penned here by our expert beauticians.


Beauty Emergency III

Though your wardrobe is filled with a variety of deo and fragrances but you might have missed it in the last minute's rush. Dont worry, the hack for missing the deo while stepping out of the house is right here. All you need is a veggie vendor.


Beauty Emergency IV

Both men and women with long hair do so much for their split ends, yet they pop up when planning for a good look. Conceal all your split ends with this one sure-shot remedy that works like wonders in minutes.


Beauty Emergency V

All women wish if their hair growth and depilatory creams lasted together. That does not happen and one fine day, when all your body hair has popped out, you discover you are short of a depilatory cream. This also comes with a healthy remedy, which is as mentioned in the image.


Beauty Emergency VI

How the eyeshadows look on the palette, often they do not appear the same when applied. The same colour turns dull and gloomy. To get the exact colour as on the eyeshadow palette, there is a remedy right inside your palette box. Check how.


Beauty Emergency VII

May be you are running short of a concealer or you don't own a concealer, but you can't step out with dark circles, right? The solution is a lipstick. Oh yes, this might sound unbelievable, but it actually works on all skin complexions.

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Beauty Emergency VIII

At the end, we pin a small hair beauty emergency hack that you can try anytime. For instant curls, this has worked for generations. However, you need to spend a little extra time to do this one.

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