Why You Need To Buy A White Eyeliner NOW!

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Most people are used to having a black kajal pencil. And why not? It is the one makeup tool that is so basic and can amp up your look so well. But, we will tell you exactly why you need to buy a white eyeliner now.

Trust us, if you are unaware of the amazing benefits of white eyeliners, then you are missing out on a lot. This one makeup tool can help you get so many benefits in just one product!

With a few Indian brands catching on to the trends of white eyeliners, it isn't as expensive as it used to be at one time, when only high-end brands had white eyeliners. India is actually getting revolutionized in the makeup arena of late. Let's hope an Indian brand comes up with a decent nude eyeliner as well, yes?

Till that time comes, we will tell you about all the amazing ways you can use your white eyeliner. It is literally one magic product that you wouldn't regret buying. Here are some of the best uses of a white eyeliner.

1. Bigger Eyes: If you want your eyes to pop and to look bigger, use a white eyeliner on your lower waterline.

why you need white eyeliner

2. Eyeshadow Base: Buying an eyeshadow primer can be quite difficult in India. The ones you can get are from pricey, higher end brands. A white eyeliner would have the same effect in a way. It would make the shade of the eyeshadow pop a lot more.

why you need white eyeliner

3. Highlight: Run out of your favourite highlighter? Just use a white eyeliner and blend it in. This is a really nice trick for the high points of your cheeks.

why you need white eyeliner

4. Brows: The arch of your brow can be really nicely highlighted if you know how to use a white eyeliner. Just be sure to blend it in, so that it looks really natural.

why you need white eyeliner

5. Cupid's Bow: Do you want your pout to stand out? Highlight your Cupid's bow with a white eyeliner and then blend it in to bring extra focus to your pout.

why you need white eyeliner

6. Tear Ducts: We all want our eyes to look brighter and that too without spending too much time on them. Dab on a little white eyeliner on your tear ducts and blend them well to get an instantly fresher and a wide awake look.

why you need white eyeliner

7. Cat Eyes: For an edgier look, use white eyeliner to create cat eyes. This is a really good look for parties that you can try. Do try this if you're curious to know why you need a white eyeliner.

why you need white eyeliner
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Story first published: Friday, November 4, 2016, 23:00 [IST]
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