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Makeup Tips For Tanned Skin

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Now that the summer season has begun, we're sure you are scared about getting tanned and do use a lot of sunscreen lotion to avoid it. However, if you have a dusky look, you should realise that it is quite appealing to the eyes.

In this article, we are here to share some of the makeup tips for tanned skin. These tips can help you to get the right olive-skin look and make you look more beautiful and radiant.

Owning a natural pink skin is a dream for most girls, but some girls look their best when they have a tanned look with the right shades blended along.

We have celebrities like Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston and many more stars who have taken the world by their gorgeous skin tone.

By following the right makeup tips for a tanned skin, you can look as gorgeous as your favourite celebs. So, find out about the best makeup tips that you can try for your tanned skin.

Make sure you remember these tips while applying makeup on a tanned skin tone. Have a look:


Avoid Bright Makeup

This is the best makeup tip for a tanned skin tone. Avoid using a bright makeup, as it makes your skin look pale and unnatural. Instead, opt for darker or neutral colours to highlight your tanned skin.


Use Yellow-coloured Foundation

Using yellow-coloured foundation helps to give you that perfect finish. The yellow tone of the foundation helps you to get an even finish on your tanned look.


Use Earth Tone Lipsticks

For tanned skin, the best choice of lipstick would be that of earth tones. These warm tones like peach pink, coral pink, brick coloured or dark orange and even strawberries or red wine look excellent on this skin tone.



This is the best way to cover-up your dark circles and give your skin a uniform look. Choose a non-oily concealer and make sure you choose concealers that are just a shade lighter than your original colour.



For a person who has a tanned skin tone, it is always advisable to use a warm blusher. If you choose a darker shade of blush, it will only make you look like a clown, so be wise while selecting the best blush that'll suit your skin tone well.



Highlighters play a vital role in giving you that mesmerising look. It is a good choice and it enhances your beauty even more. But the only thing you need to take care of is about the choice of colour for your highlights. Again, make sure it is any of the warm colours.


Nail Paint

Since you have a tanned skin, it is advisable that you choose from metallic colours to orange, nude, pastels, purple or even the perfect blood red colour. These colours look excellent on a tanned skin.

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