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Shringar For Karva Chauth: Makeup Tips


Karva chauth is the day of the women. Women keep fast to pray for the long lives of their better-halves. All women love looking gorgeous on Karva Chauth. This will not be a difficult task if you have some handy makeup tips ready for Karva Chauth.

For married women, one of the most important festivals is Karva Chauth, especially in the northern part of India. Women pray and observe fast for a happy married life and for the well-being of their husbands.

All married women would love looking gorgeous on Karva Chauth with best ornaments, costumes and accessories. Everything they do to enhance their beauty will add to the feel good factor on this day.

If you wish to look your best on this special day, know these makeup tips for Karva Chauth. Explore the following ideas to be the centre of attraction of the day. Here are some important makeup tips for Karva Chauth that you can try.

Bindi: Bindi is the first shringar, which is considered as the most important sign of a married woman. It has a well-built religious insinuation. You can also try decorating the bindi with red and white dots around them.

Sindoor: Sindoor is a holy representation of marriage. It is applied by Indian married women on the central parting of the hair. Opt for a colour that suits your costume in order to look gorgeous on Karva Chauth. The most preferred colour is red or maroon.

Nose Ring: Nose ring, also known as nath, will help you look more conventional and traditional. Silver and gold are the most commonly preferred colours for nose rings. It is worn on the left nostril with a chain that runs just behind left ear.

Bangles: Bangles are unavoidable part of Karva Chauth makeup of a married woman. Bangles are available in glass, gold, silver and many other materials. Remember to select a colour that matches your costume.

Payal: Payal is an ornament that adds a special attraction on the feet of a married woman. Silver is the most preferred material for payal because gold is considered to be sacred. Payal with tiny bells are the all-time favourites of Indian women.

Bichuas: Bichuas or toe rings are worn on the fingers of each foot. For this, silver is the most commonly used material because Indian women do not like to wear sacred gold below their waist. Bichuas are available in different sizes and designs; the most popular is heavy designs.

Mehendi: Before the festival, you have to be ready with your henna or mehendi designs. This is one of the pre-celebration preparations. You should select the mehendi design beforehand, so that you can avoid any clash with others.

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