Eye Makeup To Look Like A Bong Beauty!

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Bengali women are blessed with big eyes. That is your first reaction when you see the three Bong beauties in the image. However, the right kind of eye makeup also has a huge role to play in their glamour. Beauty that is not highlighted will not be noticed. So, what if you do not have large fish-like eyes, makeup can make your eyes look bigger. Even if you are not born a Bengali, you can still look like a Bong Beauty with your eye makeup.

Bengali women have always been a special part of Bollywood. The older generation comprised of of Sharmila Tagore and Rakhi. Now we have Kajol, Rani Mukherji and Bipasha Basu to name a few. Let us see what are the special features of the eye makeup that these women do.

Bengali Eyes Makeup

Bengali Eye Makeup: Highlights

1. Maa Durga Eyes: Have you ever seen a basic sketch of the eyes of the Goddess Durga? She is represented with a pair of big eyes that stretch upwards. That is how you are supposed to draw your eyeliner for Bengali makeup. When you apply kohl or eyeliner, you must start from the inside (near your nose) and move outwards. That slight upwards tilt in the end is the basic trick behind the makeup for big eyes.

2. Dark As The Night: Nothing is more becoming for Bengali women than the colour of the sky on a moonless night. Most women have this misconception that dark kohl looks good only on fair complexion. Your eyes can be highlighted by kohl irrespective of your complexion.

3. Light Shadows: Darkening your eyelids with dark colours like brown and grey is a western concept. Indian women look better with lightly shadowed eyelids. A touch of red or maroon is all you need to bring out the best in your dark eyes.

4. Smokey Eyes Makeup: Eyes of a seductive diva will never be stark. They will be misty and enigmatic. For that you need to make them smokey. Try smudging the upper line of your eyeliner with petroleum jelly to get this effect. Do not smudge the eye liner all over your eye lid. For perfect Bengali makeup it should just blend into your eyeshadow at the edges.

5. The Dot In The Middle: No matter how well you do your eye makeup, it is useless without a large red dot in the middle of your eyebrows. The typical Bengali bindi compliments the overall look of a Bengali bombshell perfectly.

These tips should help you get the perfect Bengali diva look with the appropriate eye makeup.

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