Age Defying Makeup Like Madonna!

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What exactly would be Madonna's age? It is a just a metaphorical question because if you look at her, age stops mattering altogether. She is well past her fifties and you are already starting to say 'cosmetic surgery' but you cannot take away the credit from her makeup to mask age. She could have had as many face lifts as money can buy but it is Madonna's makeup that keeps her looking fresh as a girl on a daily basis. So if are starting to think that you are not a girl anymore then break out of the 'elderly' tag with these special celebrity makeup secrets.

You can defy age with these tricks for makeup like Madonna does.

Age Defying Makeup Tricks:

1. Mix Up The Foundations: Every makeup expert lays a lot of stress on using 'the' right kind of foundation but in reality flawless makeup like Madonna can be achieved by mixing up a couple of different shades of foundation.

2. Why Not Use Just One? You may not find the exact shade that you are looking for because there are as many complexions as there are women. So the cosmetic brands are not making a customized shade for each one of us. It is always better to use your own sense of proportions and rustle up the perfect shade for yourself. Moreover you want different shades for different occasions. Makeup under lights and for the red carpet won't be the same for Madonna.

3. Mix Cleanser Oils With Foundations: As you age you skin starts losing essential oils. The foundation that once made your skin oily now feels dry on your face. If you mix it up with cleanser oils instead of water (you need a oil based foundation to do this) then it improves the spread of the foundation on your skin. Age defying makeup is about hiding flaws and the better it spreads on your face more uniform it will look.

4. Mascara And Your Lashes: Madonna’s makeup is not complete without putting on some false eyelashes. She can go without the foundation and the eye makeup but without dainty batting eyelashes, never. Every woman needs to use mascara no matter what her age she is because it gives contours to your eyes.

5. Red Lip Colour: Celebrity makeup fundas say that there is a red lip colour for each one of you. Madonna's is a kind of pale red that looks closer to natural than scarlet. You will rarely see her in any other shade of lip colour.

6. Stick To Symmetry: An expert tip that Madonna follows herself is to never let go of her sense of symmetry. The rise of the blush strokes on both cheeks will have to be absolutely even and the eyeliner will end at exactly proportional spots on both sides.

Use these women fashion tips to defy age with makeup like Madonna does.

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Story first published: Friday, February 24, 2012, 14:45 [IST]
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