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Try Out These Easy Hairstyles Tonight To Wake Up With Perfect Curls

That moment when you wake up late in the morning and find your hair messy and bad. So annoying, right? And the worst part about that moment is you are already running late for your office/college and can't spend enough time to style it. And what happens next is that you end up having a bad hair day.

Getting up with awesome hair is a dream for every girl. But hey, what if we make your that dream come true? Don't overthink, it's definitely possible. All you have to do is style your hair with any of the given methods, sleep and see the miracle the next day. So, for all the curly hair lovers, here are some easy overnight hairstyles, which will not only save your time when you are running late but will also wake you up with perfect curls. Read on further, you can thank us later!

Two Lower Braids

You might not have noticed it before but definitely been experiencing that whenever you make a braid the next day when you open it you find your hair in wavy curls. But two lower braids can give you perfect results. So, follow these steps.

  • First, divide your hair with mid-partition.
  • Now, start making a French braid on either side. Keep braiding all the way down. Once you are done, tie the ends with an elastic.
  • After this, wrap your ponytail to make an updo bun, and secure it with bobby pins and hairspray.
  • Repeat this process on the other side too.
  • Unbraid your hair the next day. Brush your hair gently to remove tangles.
  • Style your hair a little using curling iron (if you have some time) to add texture and make it little manageable.

Mini Twisted Buns

Mini twisted buns are the most effective and easy hairstyle, which can give you flawless curls overnight. All you have to do is divide the sections and make twisted buns out of it. You can make as many mini buns as you want, depending on the thickness and length of your hair. So, to create mini twisted buns, go through this process.

  • Pick a section from the front-centre part of your hair.
  • Twist it till you reach the end.
  • Now, roll or wrap it to create a mini bun. Secure it with bobby pins.
  • Take another section of your hair from any side, and repeat the same to make a mini bun.
  • Continue repeating this process until all the sections are formed into a bun.
  • Open all the buns and untwist them the next done to get the desired result.

Buns With Kitchen Roll

Paper towels are the best method to curl your hair. It is not only an effective method but also a heatless treatment. So, under this styling method, we will tell you how to get great curls overnight by using just a kitchen roll.

  • Cut a square portion from the kitchen roll towel and fold it multiple times to make a thick strip.
  • Take the front section of your hair and wrap the ends of it around the paper towel.
  • Keep rolling the paper towel upwards until you reach the top.
  • Use the ends of the paper towel, making it a bun type hairstyle. Tie a knot. Make sure you do not pull the towel tightly, otherwise, the strip will break.
  • Repeat this step until you have completely wrapped all the hair, section by section, into kitchen towel stripes.
  • Open all the tied strips the next day. Now you are all set to flaunt that perfect bouncy curls.

Twisted Buns

On those frizzy hair days, twisted buns can be your saviour. It is the most easy hairstyle to create, which not only will save time but will also give you great bouncy curls overnight. Here is how you can create this hairstyle.

  • Firstly, divide your hair with mid-partition.
  • Start making a twisted braid from the top of either side of your partitioned hair. Keep twisting it all the way down.
  • Once you are done, wrap it upwards until you reach near the neck.
  • Now secure it with an elastic.
  • Now take the other section of hair and repeat the process.
  • After you are ready with your two low twisted buns, let your hairstyle do its magic overnight.
  • Next day, all you have to do in open the bun, untwist your hair, comb it gently.

So, how did you like your beachy waves?


Curlformers are the best and effective way to get salon-perfect curly hairs. It's a heatless treatment which can transform your hair into gorgeous, smooth, and healthy curls in no time. To know how to get perfect hair curls using curlformers, read the steps below.

  • First, you need to know there are many different sizes of curlformers. In the video above extra-long and wide curlformers have been used.
  • Your kit will contain curlformers and hooks.
  • Start with isolating your hair with hair cream and then divide your hair into multiple sections.
  • Now, choose a section of hair and comb properly.
  • Pick a curlformer, squeeze the end of it to create an opening.
  • Pick a hook, push it into the opening all the way through until the hook comes out of the other end.
  • Twist the section of hair and place it in the hook. Gently pull the hair through the curlformer.
  • Once you place you first curlformer, repeat this process with all your hair sections.
  • Open all the spiral curformers next day and you will find marvellous results.

Have a great hair day with your perfect natural curls!

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Story first published: Friday, November 15, 2019, 12:15 [IST]
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