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Star Pariwar New Year Special: Hina Khan’s 5 Dutch Braids Hairstyle Is All You Need To Nail To Look Adorable

Be it as Akshara or Komolika, Indian Television actress Hina Khan has definitely impressed with her brilliant acting prowess. But the one thing that she promises to give non-stop are stunning fashion and beauty moments. The actress is always on a slaying spree and she is often seen popping up on our Instagram feed and catching our attention with her gorgeous looks. She not just catches our attention with her fashionable looks but pays equal attention to her hairstyle and make-up. The diva just needs everything on point to make a statement.

Talking about keeping everything on-point well the recent pictures of Hina Khan slaying it like a diva is proof. Lately, the Hacked actress shared a series of pictures as she got dressed for the Star Pariwar New Year Special. Her black and silver attire looked bold but opposite to that, we found her hairstyle quite cute and cool. She sported 5 Dutch braids hairstyle with open curls and looked beautiful. Her hairstyle is ideal for not just school and college girls but the young working ladies can also try to look adorable. Here's how you can recreate the similar hairstyle.

What you need

• Detangler Comb or brush

• Rat-tailed comb

• Few hair ties

• Bobby pins

• Sectioning clips

• Heat protectant spray

• Curling iron

• Hair spray

Steps to follow

• Comb your hair using detangler comb or brush to make sure that you don't have any tangles or knots in your hair.

• Now, with the sharp end of the rat-tailed comb, take out the top front section of your hair.

• With this section, create a Dutch braid by crossing the side strands under the middle strand while adding new sections into the braid until the braid reaches the crown.

• Secure it with a hair-tie.

• Now, pick a similar-sized section of your hair from the right side of your braid and repeat the same steps to create a second Dutch braid. Secure it with a hair tie.

• Then, pick a similar-sized section of your hair from the left side of your first braid and repeat those steps to create a third Dutch braid. Again, secure it with a hair tie.

• Now, create two more Dutch braids by picking two similar sized sections, one from the left and one from the right. Secure both the braids with hair ties when you reach the crown part of your hair.

• Once all five braids are done, you can start adding curls to your remaining hair.

• To curl your hair, pick a thick strand of your bottom hair and wrap it around the curling iron.

• Wait for 2-3 minutes till it gets heated and then slowly and softly release it.

• Repeat the process to curl your remaining strands.

• Once your hairstyle is ready, apply some hair spray, at last, to ensure that everything is set in place and will last till the end of the day.

Well, we absolutely loved this cute hairstyle of Hina Khan. What do you think about it? Let us know that in the comment section.

Pic Credits: Hina Khan

Story first published: Thursday, December 17, 2020, 15:45 [IST]