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The Do's And Don'ts After Permanent Hair Straightening That You Need To Know RN

Permanent hair straightening is the new hair craze. From smoothening to rebonding, there are various versions of permanent hair straightening to choose from. The poker straight hair look stylish, sexy, sassy and makes us feel like a celebrity. It definitely provides a huge relief from fuzzing over the hair all the time (that makes the process of straightening hair worthwhile). But, as with all good things, there is a catch. The chemically treated hair demand an aggressive after-care.

Getting your hair straightened permanently is a commitment you have to see through the end. If you lag in the after-care, the effect of permanent hair straightening wears off in the worst way possible. To know the right way to take care of your freshly straightened hair is important. We have listed below all the important post-permanent hair straightening do's and don'ts that you need to know ASAP.

Do's After Hair Straightening

A Moisturising Treatment

Do you know permanent hair straightening makes your hair super dry? Well, it is all thanks to the chemicals infused in your hair during the process. And dry hair is a recipe for all the hair disasters. Give your hair a moisturising treatment every once in a while.

You can get those hydrating hair mask but we suggest go for something natural and nourishing- oil massage. An oil massage once a week will help you tacking the dryness caused by the chemicals. You can choose any hair oil you want- coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil.

Switch Your Shampoo

Do not make the mistake of using your regular shampoo on your chemically treated hair. We all do this- nodding when our stylist is tells us to get a shampoo meant for treated hair and regretting not listening after damaging our hair.

Your regular shampoo is full of chemicals especially sulphates that not only damage the texture of your hair but also increase the chemical build up on your scalp. On your next round to supermarket, stock up on the chemical-treated hair shampoo so you are not tempted to use your regular one.

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Cover Your Hair

Carelessly stepping out and exposing your hair is a habit you need to change. The harmful rays of the sun, dirt and pollution all makes your hair prone to damage. To protect your hair from the damage, cover your hair before stepping out. Cover your hair using a hat or scarf. And if you put a little bit of thought into it, you can make it as a part of your attire.

Hair Spa

Hair spa is a revival process for your hair. Do not make the mistake of thinking that your hair does not need any external nourishment. You have to be regular at your hair spa appointments. So, once or twice every month get a hair spa and keep your hair in optimal health.

Trim Your Hair Regularly

Nothing can be worse than split ends at the ends of your beautiful and straight hair. But, your chemically treated hair is prone to split ends thanks to all the chemicals used. The chemicals used makes your hair super dry and what is that if not an invitation for split ends.

Carefully Detangle Your Hair

The last thing you want to do is to be harsh with your hair. And that means you need to be really careful with your everyday hair routine as well. The simplest of mistakes can have grave consequences. So, when detangling your hair, be gentle. Do not push too hard on your hair and use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair.

Sleep With Precaution

One of the things that we need to be really cautious about after getting permanent hair straightening is to avoid any dents on the hair. These can beat the whole purpose of the treatment. And the highest chances of getting dents in your hair is when you are sleeping. To prevent that, put all your hair back over your pillow while sleeping so that you do not crush them with weight.

Eat Nutritious Food

Your diet has a huge impact on the appearance and health of your hair. The nutritious your diet is, the healthier your hair. This becomes even more important post permanent hair straightening as your hair has gone through so much, a healthy diet will provide it with the much-needed nutrition. Add foods rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and proteins in your diet and avoid all the junk food.

Don'ts After Hair Straightening

Wash Your Hair For The Next 3 Days

Yep, you read that right. Well, the expert who did your hair must have told you this already but we want to stress on this point here. The chemicals used in your hair to permanently straighten them will not take lightly to being exposed to water. So, refrain from washing your hair for the next 3 days after you get your hair straightened.

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Tie Your Hair For The Next Few Days

Unless you want to see a dent on your freshly straightened hair, we suggest you stay far away from those hair ties. For the next few days (minimum three) post your permanent hair straightening treatment, you have to leave the hair open. All the time. Securing the hair using a hair tie can put a dent on your hair that is going to be there permanently. In fact, you need to refrain from using any and all hair accessories.

Use Hair Styling Products

There is only so much your hair can take. After putting your hair through all those chemicals and straighteners, you would want to keep all the heat styling products away from your hair, at least for the time being. The heat from the products can damage the texture of your hair leaving it even more dry. If you do need to use a blow dryer, use the cool setting in your dryer. Your hair will thank you for the relief it feels.

Get Another Chemical Treatment

If after colouring your hair, you are thinking of taking it a notch upi by colouring your hair, we are here to tell you that is the worst idea for your hair. After any hair treatment you need to give your hair time to recoup and rebounce. For the next 6 months, do not think about any other hair treatment (especially chemical treatment). Give you hair all the time it needs to rejuvenate.

Wash Hair Frequently

The more you wash your hair, the more you expose it to the chemicals. After the tedious process of straightening the hair, your hair can benefit from all the chemical break that it can. Stick to your normal hair wash routine. Wash your hair with a gap of 2-3 days and in between take all the precautions you can to prevent your hair from becoming greasy.

Use Hot Water

We already know that our hair becomes dry after permanent straightening. And we need to refrain from any activity that is going to make it more dry. Using hot water to wash your hair is that activity. Hot water strips your scalp of its moisture leaving it dry and damaged. Use cold or lukewarm water instead to keep your hair happy and healthy.

Go Swimming

The swimming pool contains chlorine and that means exposure to chemicals. As we discussed above, it is not a great idea to expose your hair to chemicals soon after getting a permanent hair straightening done. So, say no to swimming for the nest few months.

Story first published: Tuesday, May 12, 2020, 17:28 [IST]