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    Janhvi Kapoor Reveals Sridevi's Secret Hair Oil Recipe & It's Very Basic

    By Amruta

    At a time when Sridevi & Boney Kapoor's daughter Janhvi Kapoor is all over the news for her latest romcom 'Dhadak,' another thing that brought her to the limelight was a revelation she made. Janhvi spoke about her mother's secret homemade hair oil recipe.

    Janhvi, during her appearance at the Vogue Beauty Awards 2018, shared some of her hair care and skin care secrets and even mentioned her mother's homemade hair oil recipe. She also spoke about how Sridevi has passed her hair care and skin care secrets to her daughters. And, we all know what a real beauty Sridevi was! Curious to know the late Bollywood diva's beauty secrets?

    Sridevis Beauty Secrets Revealed

    Let's take a peek into what beauty secrets Sridevi has passed on to her daughters and what more can we do to add that spark and shine to our skin and hair to look all glamorous like the diva.

    As a part of her beauty regime, Sridevi also preferred thorough hair massage using homemade oil. She would never let them get away without a hair massage, Janhvi said recollecting her memories with Sridevi.

    Hair Massage ... Is It Good?

    Hair massage is probably one of the best things one can do to their hair, especially scalp. And, looks like even Sridevi swore by this. She would always get her daughters to go for a soothing head massage using her secret homemade hair oil - which is why they have beautiful tresses - just like their mother.

    "[Mom] would make our hair oil at home with dried flowers and amla, and she'd make sure she gave me and Khushi an oil massage every three days," Janhvi said as she recollected all the fond memories that she shared with her mother.

    How To Make Homemade Hair Oil


    • 1 cup coconut oil
    • ¼ cup amla
    • Few dried flowers (preferably hibiscus)
    • 1 tablespoon methi seeds

    How To Make:

    • Take a pot
    • Add coconut oil into it
    • Now add dried flowers and fenugreek seeds to it
    • Also, add amla to it and boil it on a low flame
    • Once the moisture evaporates, filter the oil in a glass jar and let it cool down.
    • Store it for later use.

    One essential element for good healthy and glowing skin is a proper diet which should consist of fruits. Speaking on the same lines, Janhvi also added that she and her sister used to apply the leftover fruits from breakfast on their face and it would benefit them. Well, that's something very smart of them and their mother - probably that is what you call beauty with brains!

    Just think about it... applying raw fruits on your face and letting them soak into your skin and work wonders. And, as well all know, fruits be it strawberries or grapes - are loaded with antioxidants and natural moisturising properties. Simply applying raw fruit on your skin works wonders and helps you get that natural glow and radiance. No wonder Janhvi and her sister Khushi both look naturally beautiful and have that radiant glow on their face - just like their mother.

    Janhvi was also quoted as saying, "I put a lot of food in my hair-eggs, beer, and methi. Some people also go with onion juice but methi is where I draw the line."

    As Janhvi mentioned that she used beer, eggs, and methi for her hair, let's take a look at some of the benefits that these ingredients offer:

    Is Beer Good For Your Hair?

    Is it really good? Can beer be applied to your hair? Beer for hair... really? - These are the commonly asked questions by many people. And, to answer it - yes, beer is indeed a good choice for your hair. Surprised? Well, here's a logical explanation that will actually convince you to use beer for your hair.

    "Because beer is rich in proteins and vitamins, through the natural barley and hops, it does contain nutrients for helping to develop healthy hair. Many people have thus seen the benefits of fuller, thicker and more bodied hair through the use of a beer rinse. However, it's not acting on growing hairs, but rather existing ones. There is no evidence beer can help hair grow." Dr. Ryan Welter, a Massachusetts-based hair restoration surgeon explains.

    Some notable hair care benefits beer offers:

    • Beer is loaded with proteins which help in nourishing and strengthening your hair.
    • Beer can also help to repair damaged and dry hair and help your hair get back its lost lustre.
    • Another important reason why beer is a good choice for hair care is that the alcohol content in it acts as a cleansing agent.
    • It also helps to soften hair.

    Is Methi Good For Hair Care?

    Getting straight to the point - yes, methi (fenugreek) is one of the choicest options for hair care. But before we begin with the benefits of methi, did you know methi seeds act as a natural hair conditioner?

    Some notable hair care benefits methi offers:

    • Methi helps to get rid of excess oil on your scalp.
    • It helps in fighting dandruff
    • It gives you shiny, lustrous hair
    • It also helps to fight the signs of ageing. 
    • It is good for frizz-free hair.
    • Methi seeds act as a natural conditioner.

    Lastly, not to forget the eggs! What good can eggs do to your hair? Well, it can do a lot of good. Want to know what? Read on...

    Eggs For Hair Care?

    Most of you would know what good can eggs do to your hair as using eggs for soft and shiny hair is what most of us have been hearing from our mothers and our grandmothers. And, Sridevi's daughters seem to follow the same.

    Some notable hair care benefits eggs offer:

    • Eggs promote hair growth
    • Eggs contain moisturizing properties. They help to restore the lost nutrients in our scalp.
    • They also act as a natural conditioner.
    • Eggs also help us to get rid of frizzy hair. 
    • They help to rebuild damaged hair follicles.

    So, now that you know what goes into out Bollywood stars beauty bucket, you too would be keen on focusing more on home remedies. And, for that, you know the drill... Go to Boldsky and get what you want - the best home remedies for beautiful skin.

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