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    Egg And Yogurt – For Healthy, Dandruff-free Hair

    By Jyothirmayi R

    One of the toughest hair problems to deal with is dandruff or an itchy, flaky scalp. It may start in adolescence, when one is just entering their teens but, if left untreated, it might affect them their whole lives.

    In trying to rid the hair of this behemoth of a problem, people try all kinds of strong, chemical-laced shampoos and other hair care products, which only end up aggravating the problem.

    egg and yogurt hair mask, hair mask for dandruff

    Then how is one supposed to solve this problem? Simple, by going to the root of it. Not literally, silly!

    If one were to do just a little bit of research, it would be evident that dandruff can be caused by a number of reasons. Some could have an itchy scalp because of over shampooing, some might have a scalp too dry that the epidermal layer flakes, others might have dandruff that is caused by sensitivity to various products.

    It could even be a yeast-like fungal infection, in which case, immediate medical attention might be the only optimal solution.

    However, a dry scalp, which is one of the most common reasons for dandruff, can be cured with this simple home remedy. Read on to find out more about this anti-dandruff hair mask using yogurt and egg.


    Ingredients Required:

    1 cup plain yogurt

    1 raw egg



    a) Mix together the yogurt and egg until these have blended well

    b) Apply this mixture all over the scalp, and massage it on the areas that are most affected. Leave the mask on for a minimum of half an hour

    c) Wash away with a mild shampoo

    d) Repeat this process once a week until the results show


    How Does It Help

    a) Rich in natural proteins, egg fortifies and strengthens the hair. Regular use reduces hair fall.

    b) The natural milk fat in yogurt helps moisturize the scalp and reduces itchiness.

    c) Yogurt is also antibacterial in nature and helps cure the scalp of any eczema that might have caused the scalp to be dry, itchy or flaky

    Further Suggestions


    a) Pepper:

    Black pepper is anti-fungal in nature, making it a potent cure against fungal infections. Egg and hair mask for dandruff, used in combination with one teaspoon of pepper powder, will also drive out the fungal infection causing the dandruff.


    b) Fenugreek:

    Dandruff doesn't exist in isolation - it always brings a few other hair problems, the most common being falling of hair. Soaking and blending one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds along with this hair mask will also arrest hair fall over a period of time.


    c) Lemon Juice:

    If the stench of egg remaining on your hair bothers you, mix one teaspoon of lemon juice into the hair mask before applying it. Lemon juice too is a potent fungicide and will arrest the spreading of the fungal infection.

    Points To Remember


    a) Let It Rest:

    Hair packs, especially homemade remedies, take time to act on the scalp. If you have had dandruff or other scalp issues for a long time, the pack might take even longer to work. For best results, however, allow yogurt-based hair masks to rest for a minimum of 30 minutes before washing off.


    b) Use Mild Products:

    Choosing the right shampoo can make all the difference between a dandruff problem that fades away and the one that refuses to go.

    Always use a mild shampoo when dealing with dandruff; anti-dandruff shampoos use very strong chemicals, make the hair dependent on them and can act like slow poison for the overall health of the scalp.


    c) Water, Water, Water:

    A number of scalp problems arise because we don't use enough water to rinse the hair and scalp. Shampoos and other products that remain on the scalp even after washing usually dry up to form as flakes. Use enough water to wash the shampoo or other hair care products thoroughly. Not washing away shampoo properly is one of the easiest ways to invite an itchy scalp problem, even without there being one.


    d) Take It Slow:

    Take your time when using homemade remedies. Massaging the products onto the scalp is just as important as choosing the right ingredients. Spread a thick layer of yogurt and egg hair mask on one side, massage it into the scalp and then proceed to apply another layer elsewhere.


    e) Keep At It:

    Most of us stop using the homemade remedies after using them once or twice because they take time. For best results, use the hair mask once a week and continue till all the traces of dandruff have been gotten rid of. Stopping the treatment in the middle will result in the problem only aggravating.


    f) Go To The Doc:

    If nothing works, speak to a Trichologist to figure out what exactly is the cause of your itchy scalp. In case of a scalp eczema, psoriasis or other fungal or bacterial infections, consult a doctor before you try anything at home. Remember, go to the root of the problem first.


    g) Don't Take It Too Harsh:

    People often turn a simple scalp infection into a question of self image; anti-dandruff advertisements all over the television also add to the misery! Thus, do not make it a self-esteem issue. Dandruff is hardly ever a hygiene-related issue. It could just be an infection that needs to be treated the right way!

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