What To Do When You Get A Bad Hair Cut?

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We have all been at the receiving end of a bad haircut at some point of time in our lives. Here's what to do when you get a bad hair cut.

It is safe to say that we all have miscalculated how a certain hair cut would look on us and ended up getting it. Or may be a hairstylist at a salon told us that a certain style or cut would look good on us, and we thought we'll try it out.

Look, we are all for being adventurous when it comes to experimenting with our look, but sometimes it can go really bad. And, of course, the months out growing that haircut can be sheer torture. Because no matter how much we would like to believe, hair does not grow all too fast.

So, thankfully we found you ways in which you can deal with a bad haircut if you ever happen to get one. Because ladies, we have all been there and have come out stronger for it, which makes us all take fewer risks.

Here are the ways you can deal with a bad haircut! Keep reading.


1. Wash Your Hair:

Washing your hair would help you see exactly what your hair cut looks like. So, wait till you wash your hair and see if you like it then.


2. Don't Try To Fix It Yourself:

No matter what you do, don't try to fix it yourself. This can go wrong on so many levels, as not many of us are practiced enough with handling scissors on our hair.


3. Straighten That Bad Haircut:

It's actually amazing how great your hair straightener can be when your haircut is pathetic. Just straighten your hair to a smooth poker-straight style and you'd be a lot happier with your hair for sure.


4. Add Volume:

Adding volume to your hair can make it a whole lot better. For this, you can either blow-dry it or use a texturising spray.


5. Hair Bands:

Use cute hair bands to deviate the attention away from your haircut. Go for bands with cute polka dots or bows on them.


6. Hats:

If you've been thinking of trying out hats, now is the time, so go ahead and try out those funky hats and even bandanas if you want to help you deal with a bad haircut better.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 4, 2017, 17:00 [IST]
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