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It can be really tricky deciding upon a haircut that would suit your face type, so we end up playing it safe. However, here, we've created this list of haircuts for different face types to end the confusion.

There is no need to keep playing it safe with the same old hairstyles and haircuts. With this guide, you'll have all you need to know for the next new haircut you'll try out.

It is really important for you to figure out what your face shape is before you book a salon appointment to get a haircut. Sometimes, your hairstylist would know if a particular haircut would suit you or not, but it is best to determine your face shape beforehand. Different face shapes definitely have different haircuts that can be styled accordingly to bring out the features.

Remember, it is more about what feels right to you as a haircut and not what the rule book prescribes. You can pull off any hairstyle you want to, with the right amount of confidence.

Nevertheless, there are a few haircuts that are more flattering for different face types and that is what this post is all about. So, keep reading to find out haircuts for different face shapes that is best suited for the 4 different face types which we've listed below.


1. For Round Faces: Style 1:

These tousled layers with a side fringe would have a perfect slimming effect on a round face, which tends to look a little chubby at times. This is one the funkiest haircuts for round face.


1. For Round Faces: Style 2:

These unruly bangs are perfect for anyone who does not like their bangs to look too flat and structured. These frame the round face well and add depth to it.


1. For Round Faces: Style 3:

Sleek, neck-length hair can never go wrong. Make sure you go for a side parting, as a middle parting can make your face look even more rounder.


2. For Oval Faces: Style 1:

These deep set bangs with long layers are the perfect hairstyles for oval faces. These bangs are good for making a wide forehead look smaller. This is the prettiest haircut for oval face.


2. For Oval Faces: Style 2:

A wide forehead can be a major problem with girls with oval faces, and this slight side fringe takes attention away from it really well.


2. For Oval Faces: Style 3

Full frontal fringe with soft waves, this is one haircut that would go well with both Indian and western clothes.


3. For Heart-shaped Faces: Style 1:

Heart-shaped faces can pull off most of the haircuts. But this short crop with a side-swept fringe brings out the shape of the face really well, don't you think?


3. For Heart-shaped Faces: Style 2:

A long layer cut suits almost all face types, particularly a heart-shaped face. Straighten your hair and you're done to finish this haircut for heart-shaped face.


3. For Heart-shaped Faces: Style 3:

Since this face type can pull off any haircut, going short isn't much of a problem either. So, try out this short crop for the best haircut that would suit a heart-shaped face!


4. For Square Faces: Style 1:

This face type can pull of pixie and short cuts the best. Try out this haircut that just goes below the ear. Pretty bold, yet feminine, right?


4. For Square Faces: Style 2:

Another short and yet feminine haircut, this is one of the cutest haircuts for girls with square faces.


4. For Square Faces: Style 3:

A bob looks best on women with square faces. Go for a bob cut, if you want to go for something classic and yet bold.

So, try these haircut ideas for different face types and get to know which hairstyle suits you the best for your face shape. There's no harm in trying!

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Story first published: Thursday, December 8, 2016, 16:58 [IST]
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