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Tips For Shampooing Your Hair In The Right Way

How often do you shampoo your hair? The answer is varied. Some may say every day, some recall thrice a week, some quote as whenever required, while old people might say, only once in a month.

Well, one of the most debated questions - how often to shampoo your hair - is a personal choice; but the result is only confirmed when you shampoo it in the right way. Along with lathering of shampoo on your hair, it really creates a difference if you do it in the right way.

Shampooing the hair should be done by both men and women, following the right methods and tips. Before wondering on what are the best ways to shampoo your hair or where you are going wrong; take a look at this list of tips and methods for shampooing your hair right that would help answer all the myths.


Focus On Your Hair Scalp

Well, though you term it as a hair shampoo, you should actually apply it on the scalp of your head. Applying hair shampoo only on the edges or surface of your hair does not reflect a change at the end. To ensure the shampoo reaches your hair scalp, use your finger tips and apply it with a gentle massage on your scalp in a circular motion. It's only when the shampoo reaches the roots of your hair that you are right in your approach of shampooing your hair.


Use The Scrub Policy

Shampooing is not massaging it on your hair. You have to scrub the shampoo using your finger tips - beginning from the roots to the tips of your hair. Ladies, do not use nails in the process. To ensure that your hair scrubbing goes right, you can add some baking soda to your present shampoo and do the first round of hair wash. Spend some time to evenly scrub and distribute the shampoo-baking soda mix all over your hair, such that it can spend time on your hair and nourish it likewise.


Pre-conditioning For Long Hair

Usually, men and women condition their hair after applying a shampoo. The right way is to pre condition your hair and then go for the shampoo. Pre-conditioning lets the nourishment stay, and when you follow this with a shampoo, the after effects become long lasting. During pre-conditioning, let your hair conditioner stay on your hair for ten minutes at least and in the span, you can towel wrap your hair as well.


Start With Combing

The first step of a good hair shampoo session is not washing or rinsing your hair with water. The good way is to begin with a thorough hair combing session. Hair combing untangles the hair and also makes the roots ready for the upcoming pampering session. Combing also allows the shampoo to evenly spread all over and thus, the after-effect becomes evident.


Do Not Use A Towel

Well, right after shampoo, you can towel wrap your hair but to really dry it, use an old clean t-shirt. The softness of the old t-shirt piece is good for the hair and it reduces the scope of hair tangles, which is a common problem on wet hair. Also, going for natural air-drying method or fan drying the hair is best rather than using a hair dryer. The after-effects of hair shampoo are highly dependent on how you dry your hair, after the shampoo.


Shampoo Is Not The Sole Remedy

Lastly, for any kind of a hair problem, men and women often count on a shampoo as the sole and only remedy. Well, along with a shampoo, your hair also needs an oil, serum, volumizer, conditioner, etc., in order to be taken care of with pamperment. Whenever you face a hair-related problem, do not expect shampoo alone to solve it.

Story first published: Tuesday, September 5, 2017, 14:34 [IST]
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