The Secrets To A Perfect Hair Blow Dry

By Shabana

A perfect blow dry is every woman's dream. Imagine stepping out of the house all the time looking like you have just stepped out of the salon!

But it is not easy to achieve that perfect blow dry. No matter how much time you spend in front of the mirror along with your hair dryer, you never seen to get that salon-like blow dry at home, isn't it?

The Secrets To A Perfect Hair Blow Dry

But it is possible to get that perfectly styled hair at home. Here are a few tips you could use to get that perfect salon-like blow dry, which looks like it is professionally done.

There are a few important points to remember before starting the blow-drying session to get that salon-like feeling. Continue reading to know more about these.

1) Never Blow Dry Wet Hair:

Dripping wet hair will take ages to style. So if you have just washed your hair, wait for it to air-dry till it is about 75% to 80% dry. Alternatively, if you don't have the time, blast dry your hair with the dryer until it is damp.

Damp hair is easier to style. Wet your hair under a tap and condition to proceed with the blow drying.

2) Using A Good-quality Hair Dryer:

Perfectly styled hair depends hugely on the styling products that you choose. Investing in a good-quality hair dryer is very important, as it may last you for years.

It will also not cause a damage to your tresses. Ideally, choose a good brand hair dryer with 1800 watts and multiple heat settings.

3) Using A Round Brush:

Using a round brush instead of a regular brush will give you tautness you require to get that perfectly styled hair. A round brush will also let the air reach all of the strands - styling or drying them evenly.

4) Using The Right Styling Products:

Use styling products that suit your hair. If you have limp thin hair, use a styling mousse that will provide volume. For women with dry hair, a leave-in serum will work wonders. Remember to coat each strand of the hair evenly. Avoid using gels, as they will damage your hair when heat is applied to them.

Step-by-step Procedure To Blow Dry Your Hair Perfectly:

1) Blow Dry Wet Hair:

Wait till your wet hair is almost 75% to 80% dry. Turn on the blow dryer to a 'cool' setting and blast dry all of the hair. For limp hair, turn your hair up-side down to give an instant volume.

2) Use The Right Styling Product:

As mentioned earlier, use a styling product of a good trustworthy brand to damp hair. Always start working the products from the roots up to the hair ends. Comb the product to evenly distribute it among the hair strands.

3) Section Your Hair:

Divide your hair into equal sections. Secure the sections to the top of your head with a clip and work one section at a time for a perfect blow-dry. Always use the highest setting on your blow dryer for styling your hair.

4) Set With A Cool Blast:

After you have finished styling all of the sections of your hair, bring all the hair strands together and blast some cool air on it to set the style. Finish off with a setting spray or a shine serum for a long-lasting style.

Tips To Remember While Blow Drying:

1) Always use a round brush for blow drying the hair. The bigger the brush, the faster the hair will dry, making the whole process less time consuming.

2) Use the nozzle on the blow dryer. It will target the air only to the required area. It will also keep the hair away from the heat source, reducing the chances of your hair from being over-heated.

3) Point your nozzle downwards while styling your hair, as it will reduce the frizz and bring out the hair's natural shine.

4) Pulling hair taut while blow drying it will give you straight hair. For the ends, just flip your brush to give you a super-cute inward or outward curl.

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    Story first published: Monday, August 28, 2017, 11:20 [IST]
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