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Reasons Why You Need To Use A Clarifying Shampoo

By Shabana

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words 'clarifying shampoo'? Is it something different than a regular shampoo? Aren't all shampoos meant to clarify?

What you are doing here is confusing a cleansing shampoo for a clarifying shampoo. Let me tell you, both are poles apart.

The shampoo that you use regularly to wash your hair is a cleansing shampoo, made to do just what the name suggests, Cleansing. It cleans your hair and scalp from all the daily debris.

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Clarifying shampoo, on the other hand, is much more advanced than that. It actually goes a lot deeper than your regular shampoo and cleanses the built-up residue, which does not wash away with a regular shampoo. In a way, it 'deep cleans' your hair and scalp.

Clarifying shampoos may not be restricted to be used only by women. As more and more men are being conscious about their looks, they end up using tons of hair products on their hair to style it regularly.

Hence, a clarifying shampoo may help them keep their bed of hair healthy and clean too.

Here are some reasons why you need to use a clarifying shampoo.

1) While Using Too Many Styling Products:

If you are high on using styling products, hair sprays and gels regularly, your regular shampoo may not be able to clean all those chemicals from your hair. A clarifying shampoo works deeper into your hair and will strip it clean of all the gunk.

2) Your Regular Shampoo And Conditioner Are Not Giving The Desired Effect:

Does it seem like your shampoo does not work on your hair at all? This may be because regular shampoos and mostly conditioners also build up residue during their usage. This build-up may prevent the products to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft and work properly.

A clarifying shampoo may work to clean the build-up to let the regular shampoo and conditioner work its magic.

3) If Dry Shampoo Is Your Best Friend And Swimming Is Your Favourite Workout:

Dry shampoos are worst in creating surface build-up. Swimming pools contain chlorinated water, which does not do any good either. You need a clarifying shampoo ASAP in both the cases.

One important thing to remember is that you CANNOT, I repeat simply CANNOT use a clarifying shampoo instead of your regular shampoo all the time.

Clarifying shampoos are only meant for occasional use. They are extremely drying and can damage your tresses when used regularly. Go for it once a fortnight or once in a month, depending on your hair requirements.

If you go through our articles on a daily basis, you might as well know that we are big on all things natural.

So, here is a natural homemade clarifying shampoo recipe which is as good as the store-bought ones, minus the chemicals or the price tag.

Recipe For Easy And Effective Homemade Clarifying Shampoo:


- 2 tablespoons of baking soda

- 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar


1) Dissolve the baking soda in two cups of warm water.

2) Add the apple cider vinegar.

3) Wet hair and apply this mixture onto the hair and scalp.

4) Let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing.

5) Wash your hair with cold water.

6) Use this remedy to clarify your hair of all the surface build-up once every three or four weeks.

This remedy will make your hair instantly feel softer, cleaner and more bouncier.

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