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The One Ingredient That Will Help You With Your Scalp Acne For Real!

Who would have thought that not even your scalp is spared from acne? Yes girls, if you have acne on your face, you will most likely get it on your scalp at some point of time as well. But, this one ingredient is actually all you need to help with scalp acne. This is the best home remedy for scalp acne.

Scalp acne can be really painful, even though it is not as visible as other forms of acne, like the ones on your back or face. As we all know, acne can be itchy and can burn if you itch at it or accidentally pop one.

The number one culprit of scalp acne is usually an oily scalp, and an oily scalp leads to way too many other problems, like greasy hair, scalp infections, acne on the scalp, and of course dandruff too.

At some occasions, it can even make the hair smell really bad. This one ingredient will help you know how to deal with scalp acne better! Want to know what ingredient it is that we're bragging about so much?

And the ingredient is tea tree oil! Here are all the amazing ways in which you can use it to cure scalp acne.


When Mixed With Your Shampoo:

Mix a few drops of tea tree oil into your shampoo every time you wash your hair. This will make sure that the oil balance in your scalp remains normal. This is an amazing home remedy for scalp acne.


How To Use It At Night:

Dab on some diluted tea tree oil on the problem areas of your scalp at night before going to bed. After a few days of doing this, your scalp acne will be completely healed.


For A Natural Hair Rinse:

Add tea tree oil to your bathing water and rinse your hair with this. An added bonus is that this will make your skin better too.


For Smelly Hair:

Adding tea tree oil to your shampoo can even help solve the problem of smelly hair. So, if you are suffering from hair that starts to smell bad easily, definitely add a few drops of tree tree oil to your shampoo.


Salt Scrub With Tea Tree Oil:

Make a salt scrub out of salt and tea tree oil and mix the same with your shampoo. This is essentially a cure for dandruff, but adding tea tree oil to this mix can help it become a cure for scalp acne because of the effective antibacterial properties present in tea tree oil.

Story first published: Thursday, January 12, 2017, 17:00 [IST]
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